Biden 'the transparent' sure has a way of hiding out from the press

President Biden has only allowed seven “formal” interviews with the press in 2022.

It kind of figures. 

Biden ran a presidential campaign from his basement, claiming he was being transparent with the press.

Yet, he has done everything other than be transparent. The American people, at times, don’t even know what is occurring in the executive branch of government, since President Senile has been present for them so infrequently, taking naps at 6 in the afternoon, calling "a lid" at 11 a.m., and barely making public appearances. It is possible that Biden is told not to go out in public so that people don’t see his worsening dementia. The American people may be seeing a Biden full of drugs to hide his condition, so imagine what he’s like behind the scenes.

As Fox News reports, “In 2022, President Biden has granted only seven one-on-one interviews to journalists.” 

Here are the following “journalists”: Jake Tapper (CNN), Jonathan Capehart (MSNBC), Reshad Hudson, Lester Holt (NBC), Yonit Levi, actress and now-CBS show host Drew Barrymore, and the Associated Press.

What do all these “journalists” have in common? They are all liberals. Joe Biden will never sit down for an interview with Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, or Sean Spicer. These “interviews” are merely political theatre.

In Biden’s recent interview with Barrymore, Biden discussed being the “brunt” of his wife’s teasing and playing a version of the “Newlywed Game,” as depicted by Fox News.

Is this really journalism? Is this real leadership? At a time when our country has been destroyed, Joe Biden is conducting clown interviews with sycophantic journalists, whose job is simply to make Biden look good.

Similarly, to Biden's seven, Kamala Harris has been involved with 12 interviews. Of course, here are the following organizations: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and Vice News.

Why doesn’t Kamala hold an interview with Fox News or Newsmax? I thought liberals were supposed to be open-minded.

It’s because she is incredibly incompetent and doesn’t want to bumble and stumble when these conservatives start asking her tough questions about the failures of her administration.

In accordance, when Biden makes a public appearance, he can barely speak, at times spontaneously shouting. As Fox News reports, Biden stated, “Now, I’ve been given a list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on, and you’re all supposed to ask me one question, but I’m sure you’ll ask me more.” 

Does this sound like someone who’s in charge? Absolutely not. In fact, at times Joe Biden is holding postcards giving him directions. Who could be giving Joe Biden, president of the United States, such directions? It’s his handlers behind the scenes.

Additionally, the New York Post reports that President Trump granted 82 interviews in his first year as president, Ronald Reagan granted 32, despite being shot in the lung, and Obama granted 131 interviews.

Look at the difference. Trump, Reagan, and Obama conducted significantly more interviews than Joe Biden in their first years as president. Not by little; by much.

The difference is that Obama would just talk nonsense; Reagan and Trump would actually talk about the state of our nation. It's ludicrous for an administration to say they’re going to be transparent and yet simultaneously give the least number of public appearances. For example, no one knows where Kamala Harris is at the moment. I sure don’t. Perhaps she’s visiting the southern border, looking at the disaster she and Biden created.

But I kind of doubt it.

Overall, the Biden administration has done nothing to the effect of being transparent. The facts are there. Fox News and the New York Post, statistically demonstrate just how little we see our “leaders.” 

Imagine the amount of subterfuge that is affiliated with the Biden presidency. The White House doesn’t even release the people who enter and leave, which they are supposed to do. Don't even ask about who visits him on his long trips to Delaware.

Consequently, one begins to wonder if doctors are entering and leaving the White House, pumping Joe Biden full of drugs. I don't doubt this for a second, but this is just an opinion derived from the evidence we see.

Day by day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris remind the American People how incompetent they are, to lead our country. Under Trump, we had honesty, and under Biden we have dishonesty.

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0


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