Biden has become the unseen ghost at the funeral that is his presidency

Few people looking at Joe Biden believe that, despite his seat in the Oval Office, he is calling the shots in his presidency. He’s a puppet, willing to preside over the death of a nation to end his corrupt career with a moment at the pinnacle of the American government. That he is nothing but an ineffectual figurehead—not even a minor celebrity—comes through loud and clear in a 15-second video of Biden at a toy store.

In April, a video emerged showing guests completely ignoring Biden at a White House event. The apparent reason then was that a singularly ungracious Barack Obama was soaking up the spotlight, so much so that he deliberately turned his back on the ostensible President of the United States of America:

Eight months later, there is no excuse for the fact that Joe Biden is seen in the scrum of a toy store with everyone ignoring him, whether it’s the children or the adults. The only ones with their eyes on Biden are the Secret Service agents tasked with keeping the uncaring children from crashing into the doddering old man wandering through their domain. Even when he stops to greet them, they react as if he's not there:

Nor is it any excuse to say, “Well, they’re kids, so they don’t care.” As we know from the effect Hollywood celebrities have on children’s values, kids care a great deal when they’re advised that they’re in the presence of a “star.” Had Obama been walking through the store, those kids with parents who are Democrats would have stood back in awe to watch him walk by. As it was, no one told them anything because there was nothing to tell.

In this Christmas season, watching the American president wandering unseen through a crowded store, I can’t help but be struck by the similarity between Biden and Scrooge: Both are nasty, hate-filled men who view anyone who does not enrich them as worthless and worthy of being destroyed.

In A Christmas Carol, when the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come shows Scrooge what awaits him—standing invisibly by as people volunteer to attend his funeral only if they get free food, while those who once served him celebrate his passing as an opportunity to enrich themselves—Scrooge has the opportunity to and the gift of making a change to his life. Scrooge willingly expresses remorse and seizes the chance for redemption.

It’s different for Biden. His is a life filled with opportunism, graft, crime, and moral corruption. He’s already the ghost. He’s incapable of remorse, and there will be no redemption.

Because he’s such an awful human being, I can’t say that there’s anything sad about seeing him already consigned to the living hell of invisibility. I’m only sad for the nation that had this man foisted upon it to preside over its decline.

Image: Biden at the toy store. Twitter screen grab.

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