Are we becoming the United States of Woke?

America is a place that was once a beacon of hope for all, where the Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964, where anyone, regardless of skin color or ethnicity, could achieve great things and succeed in life.  Indeed, this was once true.

Yet what was once true is no longer.

Liberalism is rampant now and as the most judgmental ideology, is rifled with racism and hate.

If not, why would liberals agree with the barring of white students from a university fellowship? 

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is prohibiting white students from applying for the university's Fellowship for Exploring Research in Nutrition.

The public university dragged into court over its race-conscious admissions policy is now advertising a research fellowship that bars white applicants from applying.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — whose affirmative action program, along with that of Harvard University, is under review by the Supreme Court — sponsors the Fellowship for Exploring Research in Nutrition, which accepts applications exclusively from students who are "Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC)," according to the program's website. Fellows earn thousands of dollars, live in on-campus apartments paid for by the university, and receive generous mentorship opportunities, including letters of recommendation.

"The field of nutrition is overwhelmingly comprised of white researchers," an ad for the fellowship states. "Increased BIPOC representation in food policy research is critical for developing effective, equitable, comprehensive, and culturally competent policies that address nutrition-related health disparities."

Whites need not apply.  Do we need to fight for civil rights all over again?

Let's look at the specifics.

According to the Beacon: "The University accepts applications exclusively from students who are "Black, Indigenous, or People of color."  In its entirety, the university is prioritizing affirmative action, over the qualities of applicants.  That is utterly unacceptable.

Fellows earn up to "thousands of dollars, live on campus, and receive generous mentorship opportunities," the Beacon reported.

The Supreme Court is now reviewing a lawsuit by the organization, Students for Fair Admissions, arguing against the university and its practice of "race-based discrimination," over this matter.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, "[t]he group (Students for Fair Admissions) argues that both schools are violating the Civil Rights act of 1964, which bans racial discrimination by the recipients of federal funds." 

One would conceptualize that what UNC is doing is discrimination on the basis of race.  Ryan Park, solicitor general of North Carolina, argued that if the Supreme Court decides in favor of the Students for Fair Admissions organization, there will be a denial of the "educational benefits of diversity."  Of course, Justice Clarence Thomas rebutted, "I guess I don't put much stock in that argument."  God bless Justice Thomas.

Accordingly, the left constantly calls for "equality" while simultaneously supporting this kind of discrimination.

Hate has reached its apotheosis.  This hate, or racism, is not coming from the right; it's coming from the left.  Everything liberals accuse one group of being, is exactly what they are.

When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, he conveyed that he would do anything to get African-Americans to vote for him for a thousand years.  Of course, what he really said was quite racist and can't be printed here.  Johnson, a Democrat, was like a lot of Democrats — a staunch racist.

The University of North Carolina is acting in the same manner, and what it is doing is morally wrong.

For a university to have the desire to ban white students from its fellowship program is in itself racist.

Historically speaking, the left has always been racist.

Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?  Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, on Jan. 1, 1863.  History will go to show that Democrats have always been proponents of racism, prioritizing race over the quality and content of character, as Martin Luther King, Jr., a lifelong registered Republican, made a memorable speech about.

Overall, it is abhorrent to see what is occurring in the United States.

America was once a nation of hope, a beacon of freedom, the nation that destroyed the Nazi empire in World War II, the nation that destroyed the imperial Japanese military, that signed the Declaration of Independence.

We are known for these things, among many other things. However, our history is fading away into oblivion. Today, America is a nation with a declining economy, a nation with a border crisis, a nation in which the FBI targets religious leaders, a nation with the highest gas prices, a nation that gave 40 billion dollars to Ukraine, a nation with a corrupt government, and now a nation that prioritizes race over the quality of the individual.  In short, we are a failing nation.  All I can think is that elections have consequences.

The rigged election of 2020 has led to the fallout of the United States.  We are now the United States of Woke.

Anthony Gonzalez is a student at Hialeah Gardens Senior High School in Florida.

Image: Yeungb via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0.

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