All the proof you need: The left wants to steal your guns

Leftist liberty deniers parrot a version of "nobody wants to take anybody's guns away" in almost any debate on the commonsense civil right of self-defense for several reasons.  They do this primarily to give you a false sense of security that they really aren't out to confiscate guns — when that has been and always will be their ultimate goal.

But that isn't the only reason.  They want to avoid the stark, historical comparisons with authoritarian fascists and socialists of the recent past that began their oppressive regimes with the confiscation of guns.  See the history of the USSR, National Socialist Germany, China, Cuba, and Venezuela for examples of leftists confiscating guns before they grabbed ultimate power.

Some have gone so far as to deny the facts of history.  Someone who ominously named himself the "Propaganda Professor" actually claimed:

Hitler didn't ban guns, but we can pretend he did; very few liberals ban guns, but we can pretend they all do; therefore, liberals are just like Hitler. And other false Hitlerisms.

The funny thing is that since we have taken notice of their demands for gun confiscation and begun to list them out on a periodic basis, they are less likely to issue these demands.  Apparently, leftist liars don't like being called out on their lies.

The gun-grabbing ghouls also incessantly repeat the lie as a smokescreen obscuring the true purposes of their preliminary obsessions.  Aside from the actual taking of firearms with unconstitutional gun confiscations (aka "red flag" orders).  Authoritarian leftists obsess over certain specific legislative items simply because they facilitate the confiscation process.

You need to understand that universal gun registration laws (AKA universal background checks, expanded background checks) unconstitutionally assert government control over private property.  Perhaps some sort of quasi–"commerce clause" rationale could be applied to a federal firearm licensee engaged in commerce "among the several states" when you buy an AR-15 at the local fairgrounds.  But how would that apply to you selling a gun to your neighbor or giving one to your kids?

The liberty deniers also need to know who has what when it comes to confiscation time.  If fact, they have openly admitted to this in their gun-grabbing screeds.   

They also want to make sure all your guns are in one convenient place for confiscation.  That is why they also obsess over "safe storage" laws in their trifecta of tyranny.  Force you to store your guns in a big, expensive safe so they are less useful in defending you from their voters and ready to be snatched by the SWAT team at the right time.  All for your safety, of course.  Don't forget that.

We are coming up on the 29th anniversary of this lie.  Yes, way back in 1993, the L.A. Times called for the outright confiscation of guns.  You will also notice that some propagandists like Vox merely repackage the same BS each time they can.  That's why it shows up so often. 

Always keep in mind that the gaslighting ghouls of the left are lying about their ultimate goal of taking your guns and that everything they do is built around that endpoint.


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D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.


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