A Massachusetts court unwittingly makes the case for pulling children out of public schools

Apparently, no one is supposed to be shocked or appalled that Massachusetts public schools are sneaking around on parents to convert their children into the opposite-sex imitations known as transgenders.

That's the ruling of an Obama-appointed federal judge, who ruled against the parents of two kids who suddenly declared themselves to be in "the wrong bodies" with the egging on of school officials, who concealed the matter from their parents.

According to Mairead Elordi's report at the Daily Wire:

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit from Massachusetts parents who accused public school officials of hiding their children's gender transitions from them.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Mastroianni, an Obama appointee, criticized Ludlow Public Schools officials for allegedly hiding the pair of siblings' gender transitions from their parents, but he said the officials' actions do not "shock the conscience."

"While the court is apprehensive about the alleged policy and actions of the Ludlow Public Schools with regard to parental notification, it cannot conclude the decision to withhold information" about the children from their parents meets the conscience-shocking legal standard in Massachusetts, the judge wrote in his December 14 ruling.

What kind of lunacy is that?  The parents sent their kids to school in good faith, and all of a sudden, their daughter wanted to become a boy, and their son wanted to become a girl.  These things aren't normal, to say the least, nor have they ever occurred through history.  They are the product of groomers, trusted adults who win the confidence of children and then manipulate them for their own kinky, pervy, utterly selfish ends.

Something bad happened at that school, and two kids are about to undergo life-altering drugging, life-altering surgery, and life-altering dependency on medicines to prevent their bodies from attempting to assume their normal forms and hormonal patterns.  The consequences involve stunted development from the puberty-blockers; mutilated bodies, meaning no meaningful sexual congress, let alone reproduction; an increased risk of cancer and a shortened lifespan from the hormonal manipulations; and a grotesque imitative appearance of the opposite sex premised on copying authentic members of that sex, which fools no one.  The only people in the past who had sought such a fate were a very small minority with some kind of gender dysphoria brought on by trauma so severe that they wanted to be different persons.  The only thing this school grooming trend can be compared to is the eunuch power cultures of the Persian empire, or imperial China.  The fact that they are doing it on the sly without telling parents suggests some of the castration cults of the Near East.

Yes, it shocks the conscience.  The judicial standard for that is that it's obvious to anyone looking in from the outside that something is outrageous.

In Massachusetts, that apparently doesn't include all leftists.  It's a textbook example of the recent statement by Virginia's failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, who memorably told voters, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Perhaps even more disturbingly, the judge's ruling echoes the tripe being put out by Democrats with a straight face in leftist rags like the Huffington Post, such as "Your Children Are Not Your Children," with concluding paragraphs like this:

As the children grow the illusion of "they are us" needs to fade. If we don't begin to see them as who they are and not a deep reflection of ourselves we start to do them a disservice. They may have preferences that are quite alien.

I think of the child who comes back from camp and wants to be a vegetarian, or now needs Kosher meals to be prepared by their secular parents. I think of children who choose a different religion, perhaps a fundamentalist religion to follow and observe. The son of left-wing parents who wants to become a marine, or the daughter of right-wing parents who comes out as a lesbian and lobbies for marriage equality. These are challenges for parents, challenges that need to be negotiated with a relinquishment of the earlier narcissistic investment. We produce, not reproduce.

This supposedly justifies the creeps employed by public schools grooming kids into transgenders, getting them started on life-altering surgeries and drugs, which they may regret, and not telling their parents. 

Even the Obama judge in this case said he was "apprehensive" about the Massachusetts school officials' activities.

Might that be because his conscience is shocked after all?  Why make the ruling he did, and then add the qualifier about being uneasy about it, unless the whole case is based on intolerable acts that do indeed shock the conscience?  His ruling suggests we all just let the matter go and leave these groomers undisturbed to go on recruiting kids for their life-altering surgery projects.  Accountability?  That's for the birds.

Since this is Massachusetts and obviously nothing is going to be done through the courts about this illegitimately seized power, it does send a message of a different sort to all the parents out there concerned that their kids will become the school officials' next big project: get out now.

Pull your kids from public education, and if you have means, put them in private or religious education.  If you have time, put them into homeschooling. 

That trend is already happening in Massachusetts, with the Boston Globe reporting that public school enrollment is already down 4% since the pandemic, a deficit of 37,000 students.  The Globe quotes school officials who blame "shifting demographics, housing costs and fallout from the pandemic," leaving off the grotesque activities of school officials.

Well, now there's definitely another reason: parents are powerless against school officials who set their sights on their children.  Message sent by the judge?  Get them out while you can — in one piece, before the groomers can cut off a few parts. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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