Who has really been running our country?

On the day that Joe Biden was sworn into office, he signed dozens of extensively radical executive orders.  Then the Biden administration began populating the federal government and the federal Judiciary — including the new Supreme Court vacancy — with hundreds (probably thousands) of the most extreme anti-American people imaginable. 

The administration has re-crafted an enormous number of laws and regulations — often illegally — to push the hard-left, woke, LGBT agendas throughout business, government, education, and society in general.  U.S. foreign policy, including the hideous abandonment in Afghanistan and unhinged Ukrainian response, has clearly been coordinated to weaken America and strengthen our enemies.  Our military is being emasculated — and proselytized to consider patriotic Americans as the enemy.

The Biden administration ignores our immigration laws and welcomes millions of illegal aliens to swarm across our southern border, and then methodically ships them to cities across the country (and even gives them cell phones to use).

The administration's aggressive "green new deal" is paralyzing our transportation system and causing crippling inflation never seen in this country before.  Federal agencies, spearheaded by the Justice Department and FBI, have viciously become weaponized against conservatives, at the same time allowing "Antifa" and other left-wing hoodlum groups to terrorize citizens at will.

As many have observed, it's a controlled demolition of America.

All of this destruction is being attributed by our political establishment to a man with obvious dementia who can barely read through a single sentence on a teleprompter, can't remember names, and cannot discuss anything of substance. 

Republicans and conservatives love to beat up on Joe Biden.  It makes great campaign fundraising rhetoric.  But nobody can possibly believe that Biden in his perpetual mental fog actually planned any of this, wrote any of it, ordered it, or even knows any details about it.

And let's not forget that Biden became president not by actually campaigning, but through a massively coordinated effort involving billions of dollars and the most powerful corporations and political organizers in America to subvert the U.S. election process.

No prominent Republican politician is willing to publicly ask — and demand answers to — the obvious question: who is really doing all of this, using Biden as a mindless front man?

And why should they?  Biden is a great political punching bag.  Bringing up the hard question could have uncomfortable consequences — especially in this political climate.

This is not conjecture.  A friend of mine who is involved in D.C. political circles had the opportunity this past year to ask that question — who is really running the country? — to a Republican congressman and a U.S. senator, both prominent conservatives.  Both of them nervously dodged the question and insisted that "taking on Joe Biden" is what the GOP needs to do.

So who is the power behind the curtain?  A lot of people say it's Barack Obama, or maybe Susan Rice.  But the truth is that neither of them is capable of orchestrating something on this scale.  Obama never really got anywhere on his own, and Susan Rice is a middleweight at best.

This has all the fingerprints of the Soros organization.  The people there are extremely intelligent and proficient, they passionately hate America, they've been leading up to this for several decades, and they have access to untold wealth and influence.  Everything mentioned above is something they are more than capable of organizing and carrying out.

But most of this couldn't have been accomplished during Biden's first two years without the cooperation of the 50 Democrat U.S. senators and the Democrat majority in the House.  And then there are the cowardly Republicans in both houses, including the leadership, who consistently put up a "gentlemanly" fight that is destined to lose.

Right now, job number one is openly exposing the "shadow government" that is really running America, and doing everything possible to drive them completely out.  Seeing what is happening now (and learning from the past), it is not an exaggeration to say that we are all on a freight train headed to hell.  If we don't derail it soon, there will eventually be no turning back.

Brian Camenker is executive director of MassResistance, a national pro-family activist group.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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