What Republicans need to do to restore order in the House of Representatives

As the courts have failed in their responsibility to serve as referees to prevent committees of the House of Representatives conducting themselves in rogue, illegitimate, and unconstitutional ways, the House Committee on Ethics should undertake investigations on the following issues arising from certain actions taken during the 117th Congress.

1. Did Rep. Adam Schiff effectively act, by bearing false witness against President Donald J. Trump, to undermine the term of a legitimately elected president, thereby bringing this legislative body into disrepute?

2. Did former speaker Nancy Pelosi conspire with Rep. Bennie Thompson to violate the terms of H. Res. 503 and, thereby, place political partisanship above House of Representatives' rules and regulations, thereby bringing this body into disrepute by conflict with the Constitution, honesty, and fair-minded government?

As to the first inquiry, the House Committee on Ethics in the 118th Congress, under the chairmanship of Rep. Michael Guest (R-Miss.), presently the ranking member on this committee, should recast this article on Schiff, by Tristan Justice, at The Federalist, into an accusatory resolution that will bring Mr. Schiff before the ethics panel.

Should this committee determine that Schiff lied in claiming that President Trump colluded with Russia, or otherwise bore false witness against the former president with the aim of undermining his legitimate leadership of the country, and also tending to bring the House of Representatives into ill repute, the committee will find Schiff guilty as charged and sanction him as the committee deems proper, including loss of committee assignments.

As to the second inquiry, H. Res.503 was created during the 117th Congress to investigate the January 6, 2021 "Attack on the United States Capitol."  The organizing resolution provided for 13 members, 8 Democrats and 5 Republicans, the Republican members to be named in consultation between the speaker and Republican leader.  Additionally, depositions were to be arranged in consultations between the committee chair and the ranking member.  The organizing resolution did not establish a "vice chair."

In fact, this committee consisted of nine members, none of them named by the House Republican leader.  The committee had no ranking member, so that there could not be consultations on depositions between the chair and ranking member.  Rep. Liz Cheney was named "vice chair," contrary to the terms of H. Res. 503, which did not establish a vice chair.

Former speaker Pelosi and "January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol" Committee chair Thompson should be brought before the House Ethics Committee to answer the charge that by word, thought, and deed, they violated the solemn terms of a resolution organizing a House Select Committee and should face sanctions by this legislative body in the event they are found to have disregarded the express terms of H. Res. 503, placing its legislative body in disrepute, provided that if it is the judgment of the Ethics Committee that Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Thompson should face removal by vote of the House of Representatives, they first be given the opportunity to resign from Congress.

Image: Adam Schiff.  Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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