What middle America could tell the January 6 committee

Even with the midterm results signalling that the January 6 committee is over, the committee is unable to take a hint from voters, and therefore continuing its "work" to pin something on President Trump in order to prevent him from running for president in 2024.

Since no one is telling them that's a fool's errand, I have penned a letter describing how the American people largely think about this useless committee's politicized mission in order to demonstrate to them that their credibility is shot and it's long past time for them to pack up and go home.

In my view, such a letter would read like this:

Dear January 6th Committee: 

As you wrap up your 18-month Stalinesque show trial in the lame duck session and prepare a report to assign blame for the unrest of January 6, 2021, allow me to share a few thoughts from middle America.  

Out here in the heartland, we've become all but numb to Democrats' projection and hypocrisy, but your dogged portrayal of a few hour's unrest at the Capitol as an "INSURRECTION!" -- while turning a blind eye to the previous summer's Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots is just too much.

You insisted repeatedly that the Antifa/BLM protests were mostly peaceful, as we nightly watched ordinary citizens, as well as law-enforcement officers, being assaulted, and in many cases killed. They were attacked with firearms, knives, clubs, incendiary devices, and blinding lasers. All but the most egregious criminals were released without charge by Soros-funded, Democrat prosecutors, but any citizen who dared defend themselves from brutal assault, were quickly charged and jailed. 

Government buildings were targeted for destruction. A police precinct in Minneapolis was gutted and burned. In Portland, arsonists laid a month-long siege to the Federal courthouse and committed scores of assaults on U.S. marshals defending the building. Immigration facilities were badly damaged, statehouses were vandalized and city halls were occupied.

Nationwide, private businesses, big and small, were looted and burned by the hundreds. The life's work of ordinary Americans were completely destroyed as BLM and Antifa leaders insisted that violence against property was legitimate protest and looting was reparations for slavery. 

Even churches and synagogues were targeted with arson and vandalism, yet all we saw from that wave of desecrations were prosecutions of a group of Proud Boys who pulled a BLM banner off a church in D.C. and burned the banner in the street, leaving the church undamaged.

Statues of American icons were toppled, dragged through streets and dumped into rivers and bays. Monuments to our war dead were defaced with the most vile graffiti. When police in Virginia charged some of the vandals, the local Democrat prosecutor dismissed the charges, and the police chief was fired for doing her job. 

In the face of this wanton violence and destruction, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: "I don't care much about statues" and "People are going to do what people are going to do." 

As she raised money to bail rioters out of jail, Kamala Harris intoned, "...They're not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they're not gonna stop. They're not gonna stop before Election Day and they're not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They're not gonna let up and they should not." 

When asked about the deadly occupation of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle by violent anarchists, Washington state's Democrat governor, Jay Inslee, laughed and responded: "That's news to me."

We remember how you met any suggestion by President Trump or Republicans that the National Guard be deployed to restore order with howls of "facist" and "dictator." An editor at the New York Times was fired for daring to publish Republican Senator Tom Cotton's op-ed making the case to invoke the Insurrection Act - even though the law has been used similarly fourteen times since its passage in 1807.

For months, law-abiding Americans watched these insults to our laws, religion, history and human decency rage on. But you Democrats and your media shills insisted that it was all in the name of George Floyd - a lifelong criminal who died with a fatal level of Fentanyl in his blood - while resisting arrest. Floyd was deified and given three services with all the trappings of state funerals. 

So it came to be that on January 6, hundreds of middle Americans showed up on the steps to Congress to protest what they, not unreasonably, believed was a blatantly rigged election. It was an election that would turn their government over to the same party that had justified and excused the summer's endless outrages. In the campaign, Joe Biden had insisted that Antifa was only an idea and that BLM was expressing legitimate, righteous anger.

And so the MAGA crowd did a little rioting of their own. In large numbers, they pushed their way past the police, broke windows to gain entry, invaded the Capitol and marched around its halls chanting "U-S-A" and "Stop the Steal." By and large, they did not engage in indiscriminate assaults, or vandalism, let alone commit arson. While passing through Statuary Hall, the mostly peaceful protestors were videoed respecting the rope lines and admonishing each other not to deface statues or portraits. 

Yes, the protest got badly out of hand. Capitol Police were injured trying to repel the mob and one officer, Brian Sicknick, died of a stroke the next day, possibly brought on by the stress. An unarmed female protester, an Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed trying to breach Nancy Pelosi's outer sanctum and three protestors died from being trampled, beaten by police, or suffering medical emergencies. It was by any definition a riot.

But an odd thing happened when a riotous protest came to the Capitol. Democrats, who, the summer long, justified riots in the name of "social justice," suddenly became champions for law and order. 'Killings, assaults, arson and looting were justified for the hoi polloi, but don't bring unrest around our workplace'.

Attacking courthouses, statehouses and city halls - even the White House - was warranted, but rioting at the national legislature is going too far. Burning churches, toppling statues, and defacing monuments were contextualized and largely ignored until it came to the sanctity of your hallowed halls. 

Suddenly, the same hypocrites who were demanding that the president not deploy the military to restore order in America's cities, and who called Federal marshals "stormtroopers" and "Gestapo," were demanding and getting 25,000 troops armed with automatic weapons and erecting a seven-foot fence around the Capitol - topped with razor wire. 

Even now, two years later, you're deploying FBI SWAT teams to crack down on non-violent "domestic terrorists" who protested the 2020 election — a term you never applied to violent Antifa nor Black Lives Matter radicals or yourselves as you questioned every presidential election since 1988. 

In conclusion, if you Democrats really want to know who incited the unrest of January 6, you need only look in the mirror.

Luckily, the ones in the Capitol were left unbroken.

Jim Daws is long-time America First activist beginning with work on Pat Buchanan's presidential campaigns. He's a former fire battalion chief from Atlanta and talk radio/podcast host. Connect with him on Twitter @RightNowJimDaws.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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