What is a conservative for?

Strange that, while Democrats prevail in Washington, their candidates seem to have large donations supporting Dems' run for office.  Is it possible that certain left-leaning bureaucrats and politicians, who believe the end justifies the means, would direct government contracts to select organizations and businesses, which would then contribute to leftist candidates?  In other words, we're talking about funneling government (your) money to select candidates.

The most blatant examples recently are the Clinton Foundation and Hunter Biden.  So it's little wonder why Democrats are out-raising Republicans.  But even these advantages can't overcome the dismal failure that is every leftist idea:

–BLM, Antifa, and "Defund the Police" create a toxic atmosphere for police and result in much higher crime.

–Q.E., or printing money so that government can spend it on welfare, results in crippling inflation, which is devaluation of the dollar's buying power.

–Social Justice, DEI, wokeness, and ESG result in an effeminate military unable to defend our borders.  They also lead a male population to question its sexuality.  Their sole purpose is not to create equality, but to undermine the fundamental, and divine, difference between man and woman, thereby tearing up our foundations.

–Climate change dogma results in the war on fossil fuels.  Ever wonder why the price to fill your gas tank doubled since Biden took over?  Watch Europe this winter — see the net effects of full-on destruction of all fossil-energy production on the citizens of those countries as they freeze.  Then realize it's coming here the year after.  Thanks, Greta and Brandon.

–Entitlements, welfare, and all such programs, so dear to the "caring" Democrats , supposedly to "help" the poor, result in massive government spending.  The net result: Most people remain poor.  Further, the payments disincentivize people from gainful employment.  How many businesses say that it's impossible to obtain workers?  Why should welfare recipients work?  The government is effectively paying them not to.  

The left's inability to see cause and effect is suspect.  I wager that leftists know exactly what they are doing.  They are the anarchists who want to force destructive change on our nation.  Read The Communist Manifesto or Rules for Radicals; it's all there.

We are the conservatives who welcome evolutionary change, also called improvement, while adhering to the foundational principles that created us and our nation.  We categorically reject the left's notion that government (elites) should control our individual actions and, thereby, our nation.  Quite the opposite: The only purpose of a government is to protect the unalienable rights of every citizen; anything else is against the law.

It is our duty to reject any effort by bureaucrats to undermine our Constitution and the individual's freedom, including laws, regulations, high taxation, and government spending.  

Any politician or bureaucrats who impinges on our freedom is suspect, whether R or D.  Further, while we believe in G-d, we recognize that each individual must approach G-d in his own manner.  Under no circumstance can we force our religious beliefs on another.  Ergo, any politician who imposes his religious belief on others, through more laws, is suspect, as is any politician who expands the role of government in our lives and business through more taxes, government spending, and regulation. 

Finally, we believe that the natural outgrowth of our constitutional republic is freedom.

From that individual freedom comes the most powerful force for good: capitalism, which is to say  a free individual interacting with another free person to make a decision without outside coercion.  Our constitutional republic gives rise, through capitalism, to our powerful economy, which in turn funds (through taxes) our highly controlled government.

That is the proper order of things.  Our obligation is to restore that order.

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