What all those Democrats voted for in the midterm election

So, the red tsunami did not exactly materialize at midterms, but thankfully, numerous Republicans did win.
They flipped some House seats; the Senate is still up in the air.  Given all the polls that show about 80% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and that Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank, how do we explain the Democrat wins?
Let’s take a look at what those Democrats voted for, what they supported this past Tuesday. 
1.      In New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania they voted to release violent criminal without bail, to allow them to continue to commit violent crimes against innocent people, to shoplift with impunity, and to use drugs on city streets with their mayors’ and governors’ blessings. These career criminals will continue to harass and kill citizens brave enough to ride the subway in New York or even to stand on the platforms. 
2.      They voted for unrestricted abortion, up to and including birth and even after, if the mother makes that decision.  They voted for infanticide which makes us about as “progressive” as the Aztecs.
3.      They voted for wholly unnecessary and dangerous vaccine mandates for their young children, for more mask mandates and lockdowns in the future if their governors such as Kathy Hochul, J.B. Pritzker and Gretchen Whitmer so decide.  They voted for medical tyranny.
4.     They voted for energy shortages – gasoline, LNG, coal -- all of which Joe Biden has promised to restrict or end.  No more coal, no more drilling, no more pipelines.  Their plan is to send us all back to the Stone Age since there is no way solar or wind can provide even a tiny percent of this country’s energy needs.  Just a few years ago, when Donald Trump was president, we were energy independent.  Now we are systematically being starved of the energy this land has under our feet in spades.  If we run out of diesel, that is when our grocery shelves will be empty.
5.     They voted for the continued invasion across our Southern border by unvetted migrants from all over the world.  They stream into the U.S. by the thousands each day.  They are given phones, money, hotel rooms, babysitting, laundry service, wi-fi, all on the taxpayer dime.  If only our homeless vets were treated as well.  More than five million migrants have entered the country since Biden took office.  This is all part of the left’s plan to alter the demographics of America, to transform us into a third world nation.  Part and parcel of this purposeful  invasion is the massive escalation of the sex trafficking of children and the tons of fentanyl that is spread throughout the country, killing 800 people each week!  This is Biden doing China’s bidding. 
6.     They voted to usher in the nefarious Great Reset, the globalist plan for a one-world government where “we will own nothing and be happy.”  These reset scoundrels have big plans for us; we will live by their rules, as serfs, without control over our own lives, or the lives of our children.  Who will we answer to?  These psychopathic, self-appointed elites.
7.      They voted for the furtherance of CRT, DEI, LGBT and ESG…each of these “programs” designed to divide citizens by race, class and gender.  They voted for the gender mutilation of younger and younger children.   
8.     They voted for the sexual grooming of our youngest children by mandating sex education, including gay pornography, for K-12 students.  They fervently believe that this is their right and duty despite most parents’ obvious and wise opposition. 
9.     They voted for the imposition of electric vehicles when we are years from being able to provide power to them.  EVs are more toxic to the environment than cars that run on gasoline.  Ask one of them where the power comes from; they’ll tell you “from the wall.”  Most of it comes from natural gas and coal.
10.  They voted for continued inflation, higher and higher gas and grocery prices, for more irrational spending on the climate change hoax.  They voted not just for socialism but for authoritarianism, for totalitarianism, for communism.  The Russia collusion hoax, the burying of the Hunter Biden laptop, two phony impeachments of President Trump, and the J6 show trial were each flashing neon lights of warning; tyranny is here and millions of Democrats voted for it. 
11.  From James Woods,  "If your party can't beat the actual dead, the talking dead, and the walking dead, it's over." In Pennsylvania, Democrats elected  a brain-damaged man who can barely put a coherent sentence together because he suffers from aphasia.  This man cannot possibly represent his constituents responsibly, but they voted for him anyway.  This tweet says it all:  “Do I vote for the party that nominates candidates with brain damage or the party that loses against candidates with brain damage.”  — Kyle Mann (@The_Kyle_Mann) November 9, 2022   Good question. 
Was the election on the up and up, fair and square, free of fraud?  Who knows?  George Soros, just one of the mega-donors to the Democrat party, spent $128 million!  (Remember also that Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million in 2020.) One can buy a lot of people, votes and/or ballots with that kind of money.  How and why did the voting machines fail only in the conservative areas of Arizona?  Why does it take days to count ballots?  Was COVID all a grand hoax to derail Trump with mail-in ballots?  It seems possible.  There is no doubt that the 2020 election was stolen; did they steal this one too? 
Are Democrats simply uninformed about their party's agenda or do they actually support all the policies they voted to continue?
Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License
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