U.S. Postal Service warns against using their mailboxes for anything important

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that it has a security problem with its blue mailboxes:

According to 24/7 Wall Street, a personal finance site:

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has warned people not to use its blue boxes on specific dates. It particularly warned about the chances of theft from these on Sundays and holidays. 


The USPS's warning suggested how people dodge the trouble. “If customers simply used retail service or inside wall drop slots to send their U.S. Mail, instead of depositing it to sit outside overnight or through the weekend, blue collection boxes would not be as enticing after business hours to mail thieves for identity theft and check-washing schemes.”

As a solution, people should go to their local post office or put mail in boxes after the last dispatch time.

Which is pretty queasy-making news, considering that election officials are asking voters to deposit their mail-in ballots with these same blue mail boxes with all these security problems.

The news comes at an inconvenient time, given that midterms are about a week away now.

The news is strikingly credible, because it's focused on consumer finance, and the security focus is on the mailing of checks.

A Google search of the matter shows that mail break-ins are being investigated in many places, and Postal Service warnings are going out through local radio stations in places such as Texas, New York, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania, Alabama -- to take just a random search. It suggests a rather widespread problem that hasn't been gotten under control, and they're under intense pressure from upset customers.

Meanwhile, over in electionville, Washington authorities are touting the wonderfulness of mail-in balloting, claiming it's utterly safe, convenient, and secure.

If a mailpiece, as they call it, is not secure from thieves who steal checks, why would a mail-in ballot be secure from political operatives fanatically committed to ensuring that their candidate wins by any means necessary? 

Somehow, it's secure from one group and not the other? It suggests there are problems already and the post office had no choice but to warn consumers about them now, so maybe the voters should be warned as well -- before we hear the coming drivel about safest, securest elections in history.

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