Trump defies the odds

I attributed watching President Trump's speech announcing his candidacy for president in 2024 to a sweet indulgence, one that defies the law of diminishing returns.  The more that you consume, the more you realize the excellence that makes every bite beyond others' achievability.  That was Trump in a nutshell as he delivered elegant, powerful, composed words feeding hope to a hungry, worn, and worried room, with others looking on.

Although I use the word "indulgence" in my description of the man above, nothing about the moment we all face is "indulgent."  Quite the contrary.  President Trump's decision to brave the violent waters that once again face him and his family on our behalf comes at a time when many question whether or not our nation is too far gone to save.

Personally, I feel we are one step away from the point of no return.  That said, a single step can make all the difference.  The Democrat party knows this, too, which is the reason Democrats are so vehemently trying to move President Trump out of their way for the umpteenth time.  As he stressed more than once during his first presidential term, "they aren't after me.  They are after you.  I'm just in the way."  He now threatens to be in the way again, and his winning will prove to be anything but merciful toward those working hard to bring our nation to its knees upon his retaking the Oval Office.  As it is, he has only four years to straighten out everything "now destroyed," so his disposition, albeit controlled, will be ruthless.  Hence, the dance (that will look more like a rumble) begins.

But to say the collective campaign between "people and fearless leader" isn't fraught with questions is inaccurate.  Despite assurances, plenty are worried that this nation won't survive until 2024.  Others no longer believe in the validity of elections, so they fail to see how even President Trump could win despite all efforts.  Further still is the concern for President Trump's own life as he vows to drain the swamp for a final time.  Many have been permanently removed for making lesser promises.

Remember, it was Trump's success that brought about the Democrat party's and establishment's wrath.  And it is that same threat of success that is now their catalyst to divide and conquer the Republican Party while calling him an outdated, egotistical kook. 

Will President Trump's capabilities be enough to claim victory?  Just look at how he inspired us through a single speech on a single night.  His is an excellence unconfinable by normal law, economics, or politics, it seems.  In other words, I wouldn't bet against him.

Laura J. Wellington is the founder of THREAD MB, author, award-winning children's television creator, TEDx speaker, and the founder of the ZNEEX app.

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