There is one issue that may lie behind the strange midterm outcome

I don't trust the results of the midterms.  I suspect I will not be confident in election outcomes until verified citizens must sign up during a short registration period immediately before elections and the voting takes place only at the polls on Election Day.  It could be a long wait.

The reports and commonsense indications of fraud are everywhere.  Mail-in ballots are, once again, the primary suspect, but voting machines and corrupt officials seem to be implicated as well.  Anecdotally, Kari Lake was up by 10 points in the run-up to the Arizona governor's race.  She ended up losing by a hair's breadth.  Never mind that the polls almost always oversample Democrats, or that her opponent oversaw the election and refused to recuse herself from that process, or that the machines in Republican districts mysteriously stopped working.  I know you can't trust the polls, but those are some pretty big issues that certainly help feed the narrative of election shenanigans.

Putting aside the question of fraud, what could have driven people to elect even more incoherent and corrupt politicians?  Those who will drive inflation higher, push violent crime to new heights, pursue insane conflicts abroad, accelerate the invasion of our southern border, further the erosion of the Bill of Rights, and drop trillions of taxpayer dollars into the corrupt climate change black hole?

Little red wave image made using a photo by mrsiraphol.

The answer is obvious: abortion.  It was the single issue that dominated the talking points and advertising of every Democrat candidate.  It was also a top issue in the exit polls.  That this single-issue strategy may have worked speaks volumes about where we are as a nation.

We now find ourselves in an unexpected place — a place where the fate of the free world is to be carried, not by "rough men," standing "ready to visit violence on those who would harm us," but rather by young women (and men) willing to visit violence on the most innocent and defenseless of our kind.

The Republicans and conservatives who are trying to blame President Trump for the midterm debacle are laughable.  You could as reasonably blame Santa Claus for runaway consumerism.  I guess these pompous Republicans would rather Donald Trump had not fulfilled his promise to put true constitutionalists and conservatives on the Supreme Court.  That would be consistent with their Deep State predecessors and would allow them to keep Roe v. Wade as an issue in perpetuity.

Donald Trump did what none of them had the courage to do, and now they feel comfortable indirectly berating him for that great achievement.  I guess they are at least somewhat correct.  If not for Trump, abortion would not have been an issue in the midterms because Roe v. Wade would still be the law of the land.  Thank God for Donald Trump.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

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