The new generation's sex problem

I wonder where on God's continuum America lies at this moment.  To read and hear the current era's accounts of perversity passing itself off as someone's truth is disheartening, not to mention as old as mankind.  The pleasures of the flesh and how to partake of them without consequence or shame are always with us, as are the poor.  More and more, it seems the poor take a backseat to sex. 

There is in the Deep World a cadre of elite and influential people who see Epstein's "pedo island" as an enlightened goal.  Their hope is that one day, it will be as socially accepted as a Wednesday-bring-a-friend night at the country club.  They dream of a life untethered from shame and true virtue.  People are forever eager to push boundaries and not be flagged as having dubious morals.  Their irony is that in the world they long for, everyone is Stormy Daniels.

Noted '50s cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote famously about the supposedly free-loving peoples of Samoa and the South Pacific in general.  Mead was a proponent of expanding sexuality and a big influence on the '60s Sexual Revolution.  Her writings were a hoax.  She was a Deep World manipulator.

A view of the '60s from the "wayback machine" might include a hippie T-shirt in 1966 San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district with the slogan "if it feels good, do it."  In the new millennium, that slogan seems campy.  The Deep World manipulators preserved its sentiment, though, with the all-inclusive "love is love."

I believe at the heart of the new Millennials' sexual complaint is simply self-loathing.  At gut level, both men and women recognize and epitomize the rude but often true observation I have heard from women for years: "the guy just thinks with his you-know-what." (Change gender as needed.)  People instinctively recognize a spiritual void when they feel it. 

Such are today's crop of Deep World manipulators.  One of them, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, claimed recently on MSNBC's Deadline that Republicans' transgender rhetoric is "demonic" and "dangerous." 

She went on to explain,

The real issue for teachers is that it's making our jobs harder.  It's making it harder to lift kids up, to create empathy, to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Trans-lation?  How can the educational system sexually manipulate and distort the current school-age cohort if parents are in the way? 

This is what the godless radical left does — not very different from the Pharisees attributing Jesus's healings to demonic powers.  The left squelches God and then tries to fill the spiritual void with a sexualized collective that won't judge people for their base proclivities.

Even on the climate front, we see a similar attempt to fill the new-millennium spiritual void using fear.  Take the strange, Deep-World Greta Thunberg.  The girl looks like a Nightmare before Christmas character in a pretentious art-rock concert video.  She is misbegotten by half — too clumsy to be taken seriously and passed off as a genuine climate messiah. 

There is never a shortage of Deep World manipulators trying to fill that spiritual void.  As far as where America is on God's continuum, I honestly don't know.  I have only guesses.  Have the Deep World manipulators, all the Randi Weingartens, so dumbed down Americans that we, on the whole, don't know enough to worry and mend our ways?  God is listening, but are we going to say anything?

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