The most important issue to bloodthirsty Democrats

Dennis Prager of the universally popular Prager University on the web made a wise observation the day after the midterm elections.  It regards the key issue identified by Democrats in their decision to vote.  The second regarded what it would take for Democrats to vote conservative or Republican.

Exit polling from CBS showed that for nearly 80% of Democrats, abortion was the main issue guiding their votes.  It's just amazing — tragic, actually — that killing babies takes top priority in the mind of anyone.  Just think of it.  A world swirling with severe problems from the Islamo-terrorists in Iran racing to get a nuclear bomb, the vile communist tyrants of China about to invade Taiwan after crushing Hong Kong, and the thug of Russia murdering thousands in Ukraine — and then, whether we can tear apart a living child up to the day of birth is top on the mind of most Democrats?

It reflects the profound moral decay in which we find ourselves.  The left has taken over almost all our institutions, and it destroys everything it touches — especially our culture and American Judeo-Christian moral foundations.  It's as though we have reverted to the pagan barbarism of the Canaanites or Aztecs, piling up mounds of innocent heads, as we howl to the thunder gods, except now we're shouting out our abortions.

In fact, Prager was more perceptive.  He referenced the Bible and the Garden of Eden story where the snake says to Eve, "Ye shall not surely die: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."

That's the crux of the matter.  On the secular left, from Marx to Biden, this key moral concept from our Western, Bible- and God-centered culture is to be abolished.  The individual is to be as God.  No one outside little Tiffany or Emma is going to tell her about morality.  She will figure it out.  She will choose what is good or evil.  There are no moral absolutes, certainly none that come from nature or nature's God.  No cisgendered white bearded man in the sky is going to tell her that the little boy or girl growing in her uterus is of infinite moral value until she decides it so.  She shall be as God.

This spreads wide and far as the religion of leftist secularism destroys all of our cultural institutions.  No one is going to tell these true believers that God, the Bible, our Constitution, our long-revered traditions and social mores determine behavior.  That's why we are enmeshed in utter chaos.  Our gods of the left, our Democrats, are the ones wrecking our cities, causing the massive violence in our urban centers, destroying the innocence of our children in our schools; lopping off breasts and penises of healthy young women and men; destroying our schools, colleges, and universities; rejecting the tenets of the American Revolution; turning our free press into a modern-day version of Pravda; and re-energizing its racist past, this time against whites.

As the midterm elections showed, nothing the Democrat left can do to wreck our country will convince many to abandon their true beliefs, their true religion.  They have followed the snake and think they have become gods.  It's an old, sad story of fallen man, this time playing out in 21st-century America.  How utterly tragic.

Image via Pxhere.

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