The left wages a sham war on inequality

Inequality is an innate trait in the animal kingdom.  Virtually all social animals have an alpha male or female leader.  Inequality is baked into the human genome.  We are all distinct individuals.

The human standard of living has improved over time owing to technical advances, unrealizable by other animals, which serve individual needs and wants even in the lowest social strata.  Global poverty has been in steady decline, especially in the latter half of the twentieth century.  Two hundred years ago, most of the planet lived in extreme poverty.  Today, less than 10% do.  Inequality, however, remains alive and well, as all social strata have benefitted from the rise in living standards.

The Democrat party vows to overcome this persistent , nagging inequality.

In the 1960’s it instituted the War on Poverty.  Since its inception, the poverty level in the US has not much changed, fluctuating from 11.1 to 15.2%, currently ~12.8%.  This year, over a trillion dollars will be spent on welfare programs -- Medicaid, rent and housing subsidies, income assistance, unemployment, etc.   The war on poverty has been expensive but has not reduced poverty or inequality.

Social engineering programs -- bussing, urban renewal, low income housing, affirmative action -- don’t seem to be having much of an impact either, other than being disruptive.

The diversity and equity initiative serves to reduce inequality by arbitrarily elevating the underachievers at the expense of the overachievers, not a very good solution unless your goal is the attainment of mediocrity.

Critical race theory, CRT, blames inequality on racism.  America is a racist nation structured in white supremacy.  It is a racist nation that elected and re-elected a Black president.  African emigrants coming to the US have increased fivefold in number since the 1980’s.  They must be masochists.  (Nigerian immigrants have a median annual income that exceeds the national average.)  And if we are a racist nation, why do the Democrats encourage millions of diverse ethnicities to cross our border?  Are they sadists, luring sheep into the wolfs’ lair?

Democrat policies to achieve equality are outwardly compassionate, but inwardly Machiavellian.  Aside from guilty white liberals, their voting base continues to be those who are, or perceive themselves to be, disadvantaged,  marginalized, or “left out”.  If its base were to actually prosper or to see through its sham policies, its allegiance to the Party would erode, as appears to be happening in the Hispanic and Black communities.  

Opening the border to unskilled, uneducated migrants, under the banner of amnesty, serves to offset such an erosion of its base.  Its disingenuous social construct of oppressors versus oppressed, rooted in identity politics, blaming solely the oppressors for the hardships of the oppressed, serves well to solidify, rally, and anger its base against its political adversaries.  But it is largely tilting with windmills, having no effect on inequality.  The disadvantaged must be kept in place with promises of hope and change and assaults on the oppressive social system for the Party to retain power.

Inequality is a global phenomenon that is innate in nature.  Equality and a free society are mutually exclusive.  Perhaps equality will be realized when the human race has evolved into a clonal species of autistic hermaphrodites, but even then there will undoubtedly emerge those who harbor a latent alpha gene….

Graphic credit: Ron Mader CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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