The coup-attempt party

A political light bulb went on regarding Adam Schiff's remark on CNN's State of the Union as reported by Breitbart's Pam Key.  In the interview, Schiff again mentioned the Russia hoax he has promoted for five years, if not longer.  (Note that Dana Bash did not call Schiff on this huge lie.)  With Schiff continuing to assert this gross falsehood, the Democrat party has, for years, switched from being a loyal opposition party to priding itself as a party of the permanently attempted coup.

How dumb of me not to have taken seriously the Democrat cries of "Resistance," as of the Trump inauguration, January 20, 2017 — but I then understood such cries to be figurative and fanciful references of a politically romantic nature.

But where were the Republican political experts like House speaker Paul Ryan back in early 2017, when the "Resistance" was gearing up?   Alas, the anti-Trump Ryan was silently supporting the Resistance.  How could the Democrats have succeeded with the Mueller probe if Ryan had spoken out forcefully against what was apparently a coup attempt to oust the legitimately elected president?

CNN published a list of Democrats who announced that they would boycott the Trump administration.  The late Rep. John Lewis, citing, in effect, the Russia hoax, refused to accept President Trump's legitimacy.  Rep. Zoe Lofgren accepted the fact that Trump was president but still would not attend his inaugural and went on to become one of the Nine Members of the phony-baloney House Select Committee Against President Trump.

If the GOP House leadership did not recognize, five years ago, that it was opposed by the coup-attempt party, the leadership has no excuse now for failing to see the Democrats for the permanent coup-attempt party they have become.  And how well to understand, now, that when the Democrats accused Russia of "sowing chaos and discord" in the U.S., the Democrats were (falsely) projecting their own bad conduct.

The best antidote to the permanent coup attempts waged by the totalitarian Democrats is commitment, dedication, and devotion to the MAGA principles, which harken back to the work of the liberty-loving Founders.  Long live the American spirit of liberty — and may the Republican leadership in Congress declare its commitment to the American spirit of liberty by defending MAGA, in word, thought, and deed. 

Image: DNC.

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