The Agony, The Ecstasy, and the Memes after Trump's account was restored on Twitter

The Democrat power grab in D.C began during the Nixon Presidency. The grab was complete when Nixon was compelled to resign.

The media was a key player here, they stopped covering occurrences in D.C.; instead, they became the propaganda wing of the Democrats and political opponents to Republicans.

Their collaboration had forced Nixon to quit, which caused them to be emboldened.

The coverage of future GOP Presidents Nixon, Reagan, George H W Bush, George W Bush, and even GOP Presidential candidates such as Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney was overwhelmingly negative.

The narrative was that Republicans were old, anachronistic, bigoted, insensitive, pro-rich, anti-poor, onery and uptight.

With every electoral cycle, the Democrats are brazen and unapologetic about their political proclivities.

The problem was these targets, Reagan, the Bushes, Romney, and McCain didn’t fight back. Some claimed it was because they believed in the dignity of silence owing to their respect for the office of the presidency, while others just accepted their position as second-class citizens in D.C.

Then Trump came along.

Unlike his predecessors in the GOP, Trump is a fighter, one who could counterpunch as hard as the punch that was delivered.

Surprisingly, the Bushes, Romney, and McCain, who were recipients of attacks, joined their tormentors to attack Trump, leading many to believe that D.C. has a one-party system, i.e., they all reported to the D.C. Establishment.

Trump was unsparing with those who attacked him during his interviews, rallies, debates, and on Twitter.

This was the first time that GOP supporters had someone taking on bullies and triumphing. This was one of the factors why Trump won the election in 2016.

Trump made draining the swamp, i.e., dismantling the nefarious D.C. Democrat establishment and the deep state, one of his main campaign promises.

Despite impediments, he did have success; during the Trump presidency, there were no gratuitous wars, which means less gratuitous spending of tax-payers ‘aid’ or ‘arms’.

The Democrats and their media partners were so accustomed to ruling D.C like tyrants and driving the national narrative that Trump’s pushback was first met with shock.

After multiple counterpunches, the Democrats devolved into a state of insanity which was named Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

But it was not just a case of prolonged mental instability.  They had the power and made it their mission to unseat the democratically-elected President Trump.

They concocted and promoted multiple hoaxes and misused government agencies to wage a propaganda war against Trump.  They must have had some success, but unlike before, they were not able to destroy Trump's reputation nor drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters.

Trump is still a powerful force in the GOP and the front-runner to win the nomination in 2024.

This has caused frustration and, consequently, TDS among Democrats worsened.

Twitter -- Trump’s preferred platform of communication, which played a key role in Trump's amazing victory in 2016 -- is back. Trump was able to counter media lies and connect directly with supporters.

Despite their name, the Democrats do not believe in democracy, debate, and free speech. They prefer shutting down all dissidents instead, abusing their power. The Democrats were desperate for an excuse to remove Trump from Twitter.

That excuse came in the form of the protests at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Democrats collaborated with Big Tech to suspend Trump from Twitter claiming that he was inciting violence and hate. They said the ban was permanent.

But the human illusion of permanence is fallacious.

In just under a month after his $44 Billion takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk restored Trump’s account.

Trump said he will not return to the popular platform but instead would communicate via his own social media network, Truth Social, launched after he was banned from Twitter.  So why is this reinstatement important?

The suspension of Trump’s Twitter account is the equivalent of a complete redaction or removal of records, which is the equivalent of the destruction of evidence.  This vacuum gave the Democrats ample space to fabricate. They could claim Trump called for an armed uprising -- and there was no counter to that accusation because the records were unavailable. Now all users have to do is search and debunk the lies.

This is exactly what journalist Kyle Becker did.

He reminded everyone about what Trump had actually tweeted on January 6th, 2021. He had urged his supporters to respect the police and to protest peacefully:

Predictably, Trump’s reinstatement to Twitter caused the standard reactions.

There was ecstasy among supporters.

There was unrelenting agony from detractors. 

Despite Trump not tweeting a single word, his mere presence caused them to lose their minds, and this meltdown made it a more enjoyable experience for supporters.

We begin with the agony:

CNBC provided an alternative to Twitter:

Mia Farrow’s hypertension worsened:

Adam Kinzinger predictably pushed the insurrection narrative:

Kinzinger had allies such as Rob Reiner, who whined about the ‘insurrection’ and more:

Liz Cheney plugged the Jan 6 hearings, as she always does:

Actor John Leguizamo threatened to quit, perhaps not realizing that few even knew he was on Twitter:

TDS-afflicted Bette Midler engaged in anti-immigrant xenophobia against Musk:

John Cusack demonstrated how worthy an unexpressed thought can be:

A former Special Assistant to Barack Obama, now head of the ADL, attacked Musk:

A Democrat Senator from Oregon was disgusted:

Some engaged in meaningless virtue signaling:

Unsurprisingly there were election deniers.  In their minds when Trump wins, the contest cannot be fair:

There were also celebrations among supporters:

Finally, there were some hilarious memes. Musk didn't seem sure if Trump will be able to resist the temptation returning to Twitter:

Here’s a meme of Trump and Musk, in a jubilant mood near the symbolic grave of former Twitter Lead Head Vijaya Gadde who was responsible for ‘permanently’ suspending Trump’s Twitter account:

Here’s Trump dancing in his inimitable style:

Here’s a meme of liberals having a meltdown after learning of the news:

Some of them came from Trump’s fans in India. Here’s Trump dancing to a victory song from the Hindi film ‘Bajirao Masani’:

Some reminded others that this was almost like a present for Biden on his birthday:

There were other celebrations:

Some retweeted Trump's old classics:

In the end, this was a nice way to begin a Sunday.  After the GOP's underwhelming performance during the mid-terms, Trump's reinstatement gave MAGA supporters something to smile about.

Photo credit: Twitter screengrab

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