Poisoning relations between Trump and DeSantis

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are allies, not rivals. Portraying them as political opponents is yet another twisted mistake in judgment that gives political gamesters something to add to their tactics for dividing America. The Trump versus DeSantis game is aimed at destroying both of these outstanding Americans. Don’t fall for it. And take political commentary that distorts the relation between Trump and DeSantis -- even that from “conservatives” -- with a ton of salt.

What Trump did for America before Biden knocked down the vast improvements that Trump ushered in, and what DeSantis did for Florida to make that state flourish, defiantly resisting the anti-freedom “wokeism” being pushed in America, speak volumes for the commitment of these two patriots to restore America to sanity, freedom, and prosperity. Compare that to the Biden administration’s relentless drive to divide and tear down America and feed it to global beasts of prey.

Please never forget that what is on the block in this country is not “democracy.” It is not the “liberal” or the “conservative” political orientation. What is on the block is in fact not political. What is really on the block is America. And that should be perfectly clear to every American, not just to Trump, DeSantis, and everyone who cherishes this great country, supports it, and would fight (or has fought) to keep America free.  

Image: Gage Skidmore

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