NY Gov. Kathy Hochul shows her desperation after sinking in the polls

Just yesterday, Gov. Kathy Hochul appeared on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation” to make some very starling claims.

MSNBC is the foremost platform for Democrats seeking to peddle misinformation. The other mainstream media outlets are also welcoming, but there is a slight chance of some pushback when the fabrication goes too far. However, on MSNBC there will only be nods of approval.

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Hochul claimed the following about the GOP and her rival in the gubernatorial race Lee Zeldin :

“They have this conspiracy going all across America trying to convince people in Democratic states that they’re not as safe. Well, guess what? They’re also not only election deniers, they’re data deniers."

Hochul recently drew heat when she dismissed concerns of New Yorkers about violent crimes as a “sense of fear.”

The polls show Hochul’s ‘lead’ slipping.

Hochul was 20 points ahead of Zeldin over the summer; however recent polls showed Zeldin just seven points behind HochulReal Clear Politics which does an average of all polls now shows New York as a “toss-up” state.

As Election Day approaches, biased polling agencies are compelled to show more factual polls in order to retain some credibility.

Some have attributed Hochul’s sinking polls to Zeldin's focused messaging on crime during his campaign.

So what is the situation relating to crime in New York State?

Let’s take NYC as an example.

The NYPD Website states the following:

“For the month of September 2022, the number of overall shooting incidents decreased in New York City compared with September 2021

“Citywide shooting incidents decreased by 13.2% (118 v. 136), driven by significant declines in Brooklyn, southern Queens, the Bronx, and northern Manhattan.

“The number of murders citywide decreased for the month of September by 23.5% (39 v. 51) compared to the same period last year.”

In September, there were 118 shooting incidences and 39 murders in NYC alone.

Statistics that crime is declining may be a matter of pride for the likes of Gov. Hochul but it offers no hope to those who have suffered due to violent crimes.

Those who lost loved ones or suffered serious injuries cannot be consoled by statistics. People dreading venturing out after dark for fear of being attacked cannot be comforted and encouraged to step out merely because the rate of crime shows a slight decrease.

It must be noted that all other major crimes have surged — including a 33% rise in robberies.

Violent incidents in New York are up since the pandemic began ⁠— and New Yorkers are nervous.

A lot of it has got to do with the Democrats’ advocacy of defunding the police. Hochul may have pledged 100 percent support for law enforcement but there are many within her administration that support the defund the police movement.

Liberal judges being lenient with violent criminals instead of sending them to prison are equally part of the problem

Hochul then mentioned Zeldin’s opposition to gun control measures.

This is how Democrats usually operate; every crisis is exploited to push their unpopular agenda.

In this case, it is gun control i.e., policing of legal gun owners.

“He (Zeldin) “doesn’t support a single one of our gun safety measures and thinks that the way to get people safe in New York is to arm our teachers. Now that’s, that’s next-level. We cannot be arming our teachers, we have to get the guns off the street, something Lee Zeldin refuses to do.”

Gun control measures are meaningless because illegal weapons are not controlled under the measures and crimes could occur with illegally obtained weapons and other weapons such as knives.

Hochul probably forgets that guns are the only affordable means for regular people to defend themselves. In the event of a home invasion or a street attack or a mugging incident, a gun could be the sole hope of self-defense.

Hochul is out of touch, like most Democrats, because she doesn’t suffer the consequences of her misgovernance.

Hochul won't be affected by the crime wave or gun control. She lives in a mansion with her family and is protected by armed bodyguards who also travel with her wherever she goes.  Hence she dismisses the concerns of New Yorkers about crimes.

Apart from crime, there are other serious questions about Hochul.

The New York Post recently reported that Hochul’s administration granted a government contract of around $637 million for millions of COVID-19 test kits to a New Jersey-based firm called Digital Gadgets.  Critics pointed the cost per test kit was twice that of test kits offered by other firms.  It was then revealed that Digital Gadgets donated over $300,000 to Hochul’s campaign.

The NY Post also reported that Hochul backed the Penn Station redevelopment project that could offer more than $1 billion in tax breaks to Vornado Realty Trust, a real estate investment firm.  The head of Vornado, Steve Roth, donated $68,700 to Hochul’s campaign.

Both of these deals look like shady quid pro quo deals.

Hochul also backed an $850 million, taxpayer-funded deal to build a $1.4 billion stadium for the Buffalo Bills. The deal includes a potential contract with Delaware North, the major food concessionaire at the current Buffalo Bills’ Stadium.  It was revealed later that Kathy's husband, Bill Hochul is senior vice president and general counsel at Delaware North. Bill eventually recused himself from Delaware North’s work in New York. But this is a clear case of conflict of interest.

Recently it was reported that Hochul’s administration was accused in a lawsuit of secretly slashing access to specialty doctors and potentially life-saving medical treatment. 1.2 million government workers and retirees are impacted by this. The suit claims that the health insurance program has dramatically slashed the reimbursement rates that out-of-network doctors could receive for providing services to plan members. This refers to doctors who do not have a contract with the health insurance provider.  The impact of such actions could be life-threatening since patients will not be able to choose the best doctor or surgeon available.

So, what is the situation in New York state currently?

New Yorkers have a governor who hasn’t been democratically elected but who took over only after Governor Andrew Cuomo was compelled to quit following a series of sexual harassment allegations.  She has been proven to be incompetent, apathetic, and perhaps even corrupt owing to her myriad deals that show major conflicts of interest.

It will be interesting to see if New Yorkers can break through the relentless Democrat brainwashing and choose against the groupthink that is peddled to them interminably.

If Zeldin is indeed elected, it won't be the end but the beginning of his challenges.

The Democrat machinery in New York could claim he is illegitimate for a variety of reasons; it doesn't take them long to invent. They could also misuse the bureaucracy and permanent administration to place impediments before him and prevent him from implementing his agenda.

The question remains: are Zeldin and New York Republicans ready for the fight?

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