Nine recent developments that did not fit the left-wing narrative

There is an adage in business which says, “You cannot construct a business model on the ignorance of your consumer.” Democrats have proven otherwise.  In the days following the mid-terms, there have been several newsworthy developments which did not support the left-wing narrative but didn’t come out until after the election… how convenient.

  1. The Student Loan Forgiveness Ruled Unconstitutional -- U.S. District judge Mark Pittman ruled that Biden’s pen cannot write laws and unilaterally pass a $400 billion loan forgiveness program.  Biden's action came while colleges sit atop $700 billion in endowments.  Over 25 million individuals have applied for forgiveness of their loans.  More than 70% of young people voted Democratic in the mid-terms. Just like DACA, Biden knew this was unconstitutional but did it anyway.
  2. Schumer Announces Immigration Reform -- One of the top issues among voters was our open southern border.  The administration said it was “under control.”  Schumer just announced a new bill for comprehensive immigration reform, including path to citizenship, arguing Americans are not having enough children, which is an implicit endorsement of the five million illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. in the past two years.  2022 will now be the worst illegal border crossings in U.S. history.  Democrats now admit the quiet part out loud.  They always wanted open borders.
  3. Biden Asks for $37 billion in additional Ukraine Funding -- While profligate spending has fueled inflation, which now stands at 7.7%, costing the average American family $7400 per year, Biden waited until after the election to request an additional $37 billion to expand our involvement in Ukraine, bringing America’s total commitment to $91 billion,  33% more than Russia’s annual military budget, double the U.S.’s annual budget in Afghanistan, 18X our annual expenditure on border security and immigration enforcement.  Democrats fully support never-ending foreign wars and uncontrolled spending.
  4. FTX Goes Bankrupt After Donating $40 Million to Democrats -- Under the guise of “effective altruism,” FTX founder and CEO Sam was the second biggest donor to Democrats behind George Soros. Bankman-Fried donated $39.8 million to Democratics while seeking regulation relief from Democrat recipients like Maxine Waters who is the House Financial Services Committee chair and was working on pending crypto-currency regulation.  Democrats have always accepted “dark” money despite their rhetoric. That money that might have come in handy for FTX before it declared bankruptcy on November 11. 
  5. Mar-a-Lago Raid Found Nothing -- Liz Cheney wanted you to believe the Trump raid was not politically motivated.  Narratives were pushed about Trump having nuclear codes and looking to use, leverage, or sell governments secrets.  The Washington Post admits nothing of consequence was found except souvenirs for Trump.  Another political witch-hunt.
  6. Georgia Sets Record for Mid-Term Election Turnout -- Despite the voter suppression narrative pushed by Democrats along with the withdrawal of the 2020 All-Star Game by MLB, Georgia set an election record by casting just shy of four million votes in the mid-terms.
  7. Rudy Giuliani Cleared -- After a two-year investigation into Ukraine foreign lobbying, the investigation has been closed against with no charges filed Giuliani.  Part of the Left’s narrative to smear anyone in Trump’s orbit.
  8. FBI had Informants Prior to J6 -- The Democratic message of our “democracy is at risk” was the code word for the January 6th supposed “insurrection.”  The FBI said that it had no pre-existing intelligence leading up to January 6th.  In the release of recent court documents, the FBI had informants in both Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.  A combination of the Secret Service and FBI had 52 threat reports from field offices around the U.S. prior to January 6th.  If there really was a pre-planned violent insurrection, the FBI did nothing to intervene.
  9. Abortion Laws Are Actually Being Decided at the State Level -- While this news was readily available in the lead-up to the election, you did not hear much about how abortion laws will be decided post Roe v Wade.  Democrats said that women’s right to choose was being stripped away.  The repeal of Roe simply took control out of the courts and gave it back to the state legislatures.  Over 70% of Americans want abortion restricted to the first three months of pregnancy.  The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in December 2021.  Since the Roe decision, more than a dozen states passed laws that allowed for abortions bringing the total to 25 states plus D.C. that limit restrictions on abortion access without Roe.  Over 70% of single women voted Democratic.

Truth has never been a left-wing value.

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