Biden to take his Mussolini Meltdown act tonight to the Capitol

For Joe Biden, it looks like one disgusting speech deserves another.

Biden is expected to address the "ongoing threats to democracy" in a primetime speech with the Capitol as a backdrop. 

According to NPR:

Days ahead of midterm elections, President Biden is giving his closing argument on the state of U.S. democracy with the backdrop of the U.S. Capitol, where the Jan. 6 attack took place.

It follows with some radio reports that are doozies of pious flapdoodle on the state of U.S. democracy from the forked perspective of the Democrats -- which can be heard here.

Here is my transcript:

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED HOST: President Biden will deliver a speech tonight sounding the alarm about internal threats to American democracy. It's his second major speech on this theme. The first one was two months ago. Now, the midterm elections are less than a week away, and NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith joins us from the White House with a preview. Hey, Tam!


HOST: So, Tam, the president will be speaking with the U.S. Capitol as a backdrop. Why there and why now?

KEITH: The balance of power in Congress is on the line in the midterms so that's certainly part of it. But that building was also the site was also January 6 attack. Lawmakers were finalizing the results of the 2020 election when protestors who believed Donald Trump's lies about the election, overran the building and tried to stop them. And there are still people who don't accept that Biden won. Some of those people are running for office. Others are running elections at the local level and running to take jobs that would have them directly overseeing the voting process. At the same time, there's also been a jump in threats of political violence and we saw the alarming outcome of that last week when a man broke into Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house and attacked her husband with a hammer. Republican pollster Christine Matthews says that President Biden is trying to tie all of this together and get the broader public to care about threats to democracy.

MATTHEWS: "I think President Trump is trying to create a 'river-catches-on-fire' moment, and I don't think the American public is there yet."

KEITH: She is referring to the fire on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland in 1969. At that time, some people were worried about pollution before the river caught on fire, but it wasn't front of mind for most until that happened. And she says it's the same with concerns about democratic erosion in the U.S.

MATTHEWS: Certainly Democrats, but not all Democrats who are paying attention, they feel like democracy is at that point but I don't think the public is there. And so President Biden with tonight's speech is trying to raise those stakes. 

I found one pollster named Christine Matthews, checking different spellings of the name, who is associated with the Barbara Lee Family Foundation. If that's the same Barbara Lee who has served as a Berkeley, California member of Congress, it's seems rather dubious that this person is a much of a Republican, but she nevertheless makes a useful point.

What we learn from her is that Biden isn't going for a do-over. He's going to try to say the same thing he said in Philadelphia in front of the red glowing backdrop of Independence Hall making those Mussolini moves and yelling about MAGA supporters as the world's great threat to democracy.

It's strange stuff because he knows that earlier speech was a miserable failure, yet he's going to do it again. If he keeps saying it over and over again, his logic must go that voters will finally be beaten and ground down enough to embrace it after repetition, maybe just to get him to go away.

How dimwitted can anyone get? You'd think he'd stay away from this topic as much as he can, given his badly received last speech on the topic, and more important, his own fraudy election. Perhaps it's because he's in office by fraud he feels some extra motivation to justify himself by wrapping himself in the flag as "Mr. Democracy."

That's miserable stuff, and an indicator of what we've got coming to us from this wretched failure whose violations of democracy, starting with his fraudy election, and moving on to his violations of the First Amendment through state-sponsored censorship of conservatives, double-standard justice enforcement against conservatives, and open border, can only remind Republicans and independents who the real threat to democracy is. 

You'd think he'd get away from the topic, given how his speech backfired on him and Republicans began to surge in the polls, but Joe Biden is such a weakling his strategy amounts to that of the the dog who returns to his vomit.

NPR's two journos tried to parse what was going on and put the best face on it, interviewing a second Republican pollster. 

HOST: ...Who is President Biden trying to reach with this message?

KEITH: Well, lately the president has been spending more time talking about the economy, Social Security, Medicare, than these issues. But the new NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll out today indicates that threats to democracy is among the leading issues for voters, especially Democratic voters. And our poll found Democratic voters aren't as enthusiastic as Republicans at this time.

Patrick Ruffini is a partner at the polling firm Echelon Insights. He says his team tested Biden's first message on democracy with voters on back after he gave that speech at the start of September, and he said at that time people cared more about issues like abortion. He said that the democracy message really did not resonate with Republicans or independents.

PATRICK RUFFINI: This to me feels like a sign that White House does not think the Democratic base is fully enthusiastic about next Tuesday. This could be something they are seeing in the early voting data. But it did surprise me to see the president returning to this well.

I looked up Ruffini, who seemed to be solidly Republican, but NPR didn't mention that, or maybe they mixed him up with Matthews.

Based on that segment, it seems that Biden is bringing up this democracy drivel in a campaign context because Democrats are so disheartened he's trying to revive them with this kind of talk. Put out the old Mussolini fists and watch the Democrats come running.

Which is more pathetic than anything else.

He can't run on his record -- and NPR's Keith tries to laugh that away when the host asked if Joe was the right messenger by saying no one is really the right person for this, but that was being polite. Of course Biden is unfit as a democracy messenger, even on a phony threat-to-democracy message, because he's bad at everything.

No wonder the Democrats are dispirited, and they probably won't watch. As for Republicans, well, most of us won't watch either, and as for the rest of us who do, it will be disgusting.

But GOP campaign operatives might just have fun -- because the attack ads that should come of it will write themselves.

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