MAGA and the House

At the risk of rehashing the obvious after the November midterms, there was nothing subtle about the 2022 election steal which revealed itself as brazen, corrupt, and confident as in any banana republic knowing there would be little to no legal or disciplinary action.  We now know how deeply committed the RINOs are to obliterating the America First movement, its agenda, its candidates, and its prime mover, President Donald J. Trump. 

The election loss was not a rebuff of Trump nor MAGA policies; it was about the RNC’s lack of guidance, and its failure to provide its candidates with the necessary tools to win, along with a warning to first-time candidates about how to forestall electoral integrity challenges. If it wasn’t the RNC’s job to provide that information to candidates, then whose responsibility was it?  The RNC failed in its mission, and its leadership should be immediately replaced, followed by an accounting of how millions and millions of campaign dollars were frittered away.

It could not be more clear or more critically essential for the MAGA movement to turn negative electoral results inside out and make its move on the duplicitous GOPe.  This will require open political conflict and a public challenge of the RINO hierarchy to eliminate their false credibility which is little more than a pr gimmick.

The GOPe continues to comport itself as if it solely owns the Republican party and that November 8th was merely the whisper of a complaint rather than six million voters rejecting RINO corruption and its lack of passion to preserve America First.

It should come as no surprise that a majority of the GOPe has assumed controlling positions of power as compared to the MAGA activists which are predominantly outsiders within the Republican party. But the MAGA activists now know that they have the American people on their side while the GOPe are on a par with and frequently in cahoots with the Democrat evil-doers.

As the vote for speaker of the House will occur on January 3rd, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been hustling House newbies about to take their seats, as 188 House Republicans supported McCarthy in a recent vote.   

Given the fact that McCarthy can take total blame for the loss of a red-wave election of House candidates who were deliberately denied funding (Sabatini and Loomer in Florida, Kent in Washington, Gibbs in Michigan, Majewski in Ohio, Leavitt in New Hampshire, Hines in North Carolina among others), why would the Republican caucus reward such a malicious individual to a leadership role?  What message does that send to the MAGA rank and file throughout the country?   

While Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-SC) has publicly, if inexplicably, aligned with McCarthy, it is curious if the potential election of any of those MAGA candidates would have elbowed MTG off the stage as a star, since any of those newbies would naturally assume a featured role on Bannon’s War Room, receive considerable media attention, and attendance at national conferences?                                          

While Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Az) has announced his candidacy for speaker, McCarthy received 188 votes with 31 in opposition.  How will those 188 Republican members of the House vote on January 3rd?   MAGA national members are decidedly anti-McCarthy for his failure to support MAGA House candidates and are closely monitoring every nuance of the speaker contest.  How many of those members will risk their reputations or credibility with the national MAGA movement, which has proven to have deep associations and deep loyalty? 

This is an opportunity for the Republican House, which now controls the committees, can issue subpoenas, and conduct investigations, to prove itself as bonafide representatives of MAGA policies rather than the usual bobblehead, go-along, get-along members of Congress.


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