Leftists carefully market sex books to make them seem wholesome for kids

Calvert County, a wealthy, mostly conservative, county in Maryland, is either deliberately grooming its public school students or it fell prey to the way in which genuinely obscene books are marketed as charmingly educational. That is, the marketing is intended to fool parents and staff alike.

Back in the 1970s, not a single library book in my high school had openly described sexuality, whether fiction or non-fiction. In English classes, we read the classics: Shakespeare, Dickens, Orwell, and (to my dismay) Salinger. The edgiest book was Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, which touched upon the angst of having a first period (with a digression into “training” bras).

When my kids were in high school less than a decade ago, they didn’t read the classics, but they did read a novel about life in a South African brothel and learn that, in Japan, there once were three acknowledged sexes. The kids were greatly surprised when I explained that this “third sex” was the use of young boys as the poor man’s substitute for an expensive prostitute. That is, it was a polite cultural cover-up.

My school days seem antediluvian and my kids’ school days have a certain nostalgic charm compared to what the kids are learning in high school nowadays. At a recent board meeting, a parent read aloud from Let's Talk About It: The Teen's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human (A Graphic Novel), a book on the library shelf.

Image: Classroom by sandret.

That’s almost normal nowadays. What’s interesting is how the book is being marketed. The title sounds innocent, even helpful, as does the very neutral description on the Amazon page:

Is what I'm feeling normal? Is what my body is doing normal? Am I normal? How do I know what are the right choices to make? How do I know how to behave? How do I fix it when I make a mistake?

Let's talk about it.

Growing up is complicated.

How do you find the answers to all the questions you have about yourself, about your identity, and about your body? Let's Talk About It provides a comprehensive, thoughtful, well-researched graphic novel guide to everything you need to know.

Covering relationships, friendships, gender, sexuality, anatomy, body image, safe sex, sexting, jealousy, rejection, sex education, and more, Let's Talk About It is the go-to handbook for every teen, and the first in graphic novel form.

The same Amazon page has an editorial review from the School Library Journal, saying that the book is for Grades 9 and up. Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist, all of which parents perceive to be reputable sources, are quoted raving that the book is “inclusive,” “honest,” and “sex positive.” The authors, we’re told, are all about sex positivity, including a “sex education focused webcomic called Oh Joy Sex Toy.” Sounds kind of cute, right? (It’s not.)

With the book’s carefully neutral description and the rave reviews from reputable sources, anyone, including a naïve school librarian or good parent, might be forgiven for thinking the book is simply an updated version of the old-fashioned teen guide, something that goes back to the 1940s. The giveaway is the word “graphic.” Those people who think “graphic” means a cartoon need to let go of that idea. This book is “graphic” in the obscene sense.

A mother in Calvert County went to a public board meeting and read aloud from the book. I must warn you that what she reads is exceedingly graphic and definitely Not Safe For Work Or Children. I would guess that a deliberately pornographic novel sounds much the same:

To its credit, the school board members did not cut her mic, which is what many school boards have done to parents trying to expose the pornographic material the schools are putting in front of their children.

What we’re seeing is not a general loosening of standards. What we are seeing is a deliberate effort to sexualize our children. Doing so separates children from the physical reality of their own bodies; separates children from their families (“Don’t tell your Mom that you’re really a boy, not a girl. And of course, you can trust me not to tell your Mom either”); and tells the children that, other than keeping their parents out of things, sex and sexuality belong to everyone, rather than being within the child’s own purview. It’s not clear whether this is because of sneaking marketing or leftist school staff, but it is clear that it’s attacking children in a grooming kind of way.

What’s happening in American schools is evil, and the election outcomes across America will make sexually obsessed leftists even more aggressive. If parents don’t fight back, they can kiss their innocent little children goodbye and, instead, welcome into their home angry, sexually confused, promiscuous youngsters demanding that parents turn those healthy bodies over to “science” for Frankenstein-like experimentation.

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