Kamala Harris has finally found her niche in the Democrat party

A few days back a reporter asked Vice President Kamala Harris during her recent trip to Malaysia if she and Joe Biden would campaign for Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

Harris declined to make any commitments which led many to wonder if she was even invited to that party in the first place.

Obama is expected to travel to Georgia on Dec. 1 to campaign for Warnock.

Among the Republicans who have been to Georgia since the runoffs began are Sens. Cruz, R-Texas, Graham, R-S.C., and Scott, R-Fla.

The Democrats currently control the Senate with 50 Senate seats, while Vice President Kamala Harris holds the tiebreaking vote bringing the Democrat total to 51.

So irrespective of the results in Georgia, the Democrats control the Senate.

However, a victory in Georgia would be important for either party.

For the GOP, a victory for Herschel Walker would be a triumph because the Democrat media machinery dedicated itself to attacking Walker personally.

For the Democrats, it is important that they continue to hold the Georgia seat.

So, why is Kamala Harris non-committal about campaigning in Georgia?

For that, we have to understand why Kamala Harris was made Vice President.

Biden’s rapidly declining cognitive abilities were obvious to all since he launched his presidential ‘campaign’ in 2019.

Even Biden's fellow Democrats taunted him about this during a primary debate.

But Biden’s handlers, i.e., the Democrat party leadership, saw it differently. 

In Biden, they saw an empty vessel where they could pour their unpopular far-left programs that are likely to alter America forever. They could also wage war on their political opponents by misusing government agencies.

Biden struggles to remember his way around the White House lawn; the question of his legacy or the violations of so many sacrosanct norms is incomprehensible to him.  Biden merely nods and signs wherever he is asked to. He seldom makes public appearances or agrees to do TV interviews or pressers.

If there are probes or inquiries in the future, Biden doesn't have to feign ignorance, because he truly is unaware of most of the things that are occurring under his name.

But the Democrats realized there was a problem regarding the selection of his running mate.  Biden’s handlers knew that any Vice President with a normally functioning brain would look at the severely impaired Biden and see in him an opportunity for the highest office.  The Vice President would probably build a coalition within Biden’s cabinet and force Biden out of the White House using the 25th Amendment. The media would also be a useful player here.

Biden’s handlers desperately needed someone who presented no possible threat to Joe.  They needed an individual who is devoid of talents and lacking in any initiative. They needed someone who is inept and unwilling to compensate with effort that which she lacked in talent.

Some very shrewd minds in Biden's team decided that it had to be Kamala Harris. They must have also known about her inabilities, her inarticulateness, and her unwillingness to toil even slightly from her term as the attorney general of California, and from colleagues in the US Senate.  It was an additional boon that Kamala happens to be a woman of color.  

Hence, they ordered Biden to pledge that his running mate would be a woman of color to make it look like the search was across the entire demographic group. But in reality, they had made up their minds about Kamala.

Most people are selected for a job for their talents and drive for excellence, but here, Harris was selected for the lack of both.

Upon being announced, Harris was venerated by the liberal media with fawning op-eds and photospreads that celebrated her life and her nonexistent abilities. Soon there were whispers, probably spread by Harris’s team, that Harris would eventually become President.

Biden’s handlers desperately had to dismiss the perception of Harris's abilities.  Hence they assigned Kamala the monumental task of resolving the border crisis, which was lightyears beyond her skillsets. Biden's handlers saw two advantages here.

Firstly, Harris's inabilities would be exposed, and it would end all talks of her replacing Joe.

Secondly, her failure would cause the border to be opened up allowing an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens. 

Harris displayed passive-aggressive behavior from the very beginning of the assignment.  She first refused to travel to the border. She later traveled to Guatemala and Mexico, but instead of working with those governments to stop the uncontrolled influx, she engaged in theoretical exercises to discover the "root causes" of illegal immigration.

Next, Biden’s handlers assigned her elementary tasks of making public appearances where she had to deliver speeches.  Despite access to top subject matter experts and public speaking coaches, Harris was an unmitigated catastrophe.  She could have merely read from prepared notes or off a teleprompter and got it right. But instead, Harris resorted to making impromptu remarks that exposed her shortcomings before the world. She earned notoriety for word salads and also for her poorly timed giggles.

This was 'mission accomplished' for Biden's handlers. Harris made Biden unimpeachable just like Biden made Obama unimpeachable. 

Harris’s inabilities and her relentless verbal struggles, despite her functioning cognitive abilities and mental faculties, made Biden, despite his early dementia, seem like the relatively sharper one.

Now about Georgia.  Will Kamala be traveling to the Peach State?

Most likely not, because the Democrats want Sen. Raphael Warnock to win reelection.  Warnock has voted with Joe Biden 96.4% of the time since getting elected to the Senate and 100% of the time in 2021. The Democrats need Warnock to push their far-left agenda.

The Democrats know that they have the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate who ask questions and do not always follow orders and vote. Hence, they need a Biden loyalist such as Warnock in the Senate.

Now if Manchin and Sinema were to receive primary challenges, from far-left Democrat aspirants, the Democrat leadership would offer Harris’s services to campaign for Manchin and Sinema. 

There are other areas where the Democrats may want to use Kamala.

Harris could be deployed to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine. Democrats who receive copious funding from defense contractors and who are eager for the war to continue interminably would definitely be keen on Kamala’s involvement.

Kamala Harris has unknowingly cultivated a unique place for herself in the Democrat party. She is only assigned those tasks where the Democrats want to fail, but want to pretend that they are engaged in efforts to accomplish the task.

There was a time when only the best were called upon to serve in the highest office in the nation. Now the absolute worst is picked to conceal the next worst.

Despite this very disgraceful political skullduggery and the misgovernance of the Biden-Harris administration, the Democrats didn’t suffer the humiliating defeat they deserved during the midterms.  The numbers show that the Democrats did better under Biden than they did under superstars such as Obama and Clinton.

This is what the GOP needs to ponder as they head to the 2024 elections.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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