John Kerry defies logic and creates new extortion scheme to reduce ‘carbon footprint’

There’s one thing we can know about the government — the goal is always to collect money. The purpose of carbon credits has always been to make it look like corporate and foreign entities are reducing their carbon footprint when all they are doing is buying a worthless piece of paper. While the U.S. drowns under climate tyranny, China and India get to pretend they will start reducing their carbon emissions down the road.

The scheme to sell “carbon credits” is nothing more than a sleight of hand, satisfying calls for action from the uninformed members of the public, all while bringing in extra revenue. Big Government and Big Business unite in the messaging, pretending corporations reduced emissions, but in reality, all they did was write a check — and people cheer as if the companies did something.

Currently, companies like Ford and General Motors make lots of money selling big, gas-guzzling trucks, but then turn around and buy surplus carbon credits from companies like Tesla — a transaction which has made Elon Musk very rich. So rich in fact, Musk was able to drop $44 billion and massively overpay for Twitter.

Now, just a few days back at the COP27 conference, John Kerry announced a “new, controversial plan” to “raise money for climate action.” The “action” Kerry was referring to is an initiative to finance transitions from “dirty” energy to “clean” energy in developing countries. According to CNN:

But the plan has already attracted criticism because of the way it will be financed – with money raised in sales of carbon credits, which allow companies to pay for someone else to cut their planet-warming emissions, instead of cutting their own.

Many argue the concept of offsetting carbon emissions amounts to little more than ‘greenwashing.’ The key concern is that if companies are allowed to purchase carbon credit offsets, they’ll be less willing to cut their emissions.

John Kerry and his fellow elites who push “climate action” — bureaucrats of the United Nations, Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Oprah, the Royal family, and the Obamas — have multiple luxury residences, fly by private jet, drive gas-guzzlers, and leisure on mega-yachts. Then they pretend to care about the environment by buying expensive vehicles, powered by highly flammable pollutants, but then “offset” their lifestyle by planting trees. They might even give a speech. Yet, none of their actions actually reduce their carbon footprint from their worldly goods.

The sad part of all of this is that all these culprits will never present scientific data that conclusively show a relationship between changing temperatures and natural disasters and the consumption of “dirty” energy like oil and coal. But the truth has never mattered. Only power and money. The dire predictions are based on easily manipulated and inaccurate computer models, not actual scientific data.

Politicians and bureaucrats can’t control the climate any more than they can control the temperature of the sun or the Earth's distance from the sun. Those who tell the truth, acknowledging that the climate is and always has been cyclical with natural changes are falsely labeled “climate change deniers” in an effort to silence. Leftists, most notably the Green freaks, can’t tolerate debate and dissent.

It is truly pathetic that bureaucratic leftists are willing to destroy industries that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions, and allow countries and people throughout the world to prosper and thrive.
Clearly the leftists who are pushing this extreme agenda have little concern for the poor and middle class, and small businesses — it’s either ignorance or corruption that fosters their fake altruism.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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