James Clyburn: ‘People love Biden’s approach…when they look at their bank accounts’

House Majority Leader James Clyburn was the kingmaker whose endorsement of Joe Biden in the 2020 South Carolina primary pushed him into the nomination despite his obvious infirmities. Perhaps the experience of denying Biden’s dementia has rubbed off into other areas of reality denial. Via Breitbart:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” House Majority Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said that “people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda.” But his ratings are low because even though people are “very pleased” “when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities,” that doesn’t show up in polls, and Biden will be like President Truman who did things that “were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed.”

Clyburn stated, “I want to see him run again. I told him that. But that decision is up to him and his family. I think that if he learned anything in this election this November, it is this, that people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda. That’s why we were able to defy all odds and do what we were able to do in defying conventional wisdom.”

Either the Majority Leader is delusional or he is gaslighting the public, stating an obvious falsehood in hopes that people would follow his narrative rather than the facts.

On the matter of personal bank accounts, we have data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’s FRED database, and it shows that after the Covid handouts temporarily spiked savings, personal bank accounts have plummeted:


Perhaps even worse, people are resorting to high-interest credit card debt to finance expenditures when rising prices push the cost of necessities beyond their available cash:


I see Clyburn’s descent into outright lying as an expression of the propagandistic nature of our major media. Clyburn knows that he will not be derided for spreading what Nina Jankowicz would never call “misinformation.” No, his lies will be allowed to metastasize and perhaps even convince some voters that things are better than they are.

Hat tip: Angelle Staria

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