Is November 8th the culminating outcome of a parents’ crusade to save the children?

Dobbs Chooses Life: A Good Start for Saving the Children

The political Left has been striving to divest Americans of the right to have any say-so in the lives of their children, unless it be to take the lives of those children by killing them in-embryo or immediately post-birth.  Although the recent Dobbs decision does not make abortion an un-Constitutional act, it puts abortion law firmly within the jurisdiction of every individual sovereign state, as the Founders intended for all laws that do not fall under the Enumerated Powers Clause.  The lives of many children have already been saved as a result.  The political fall-out for Republicans has been close to nil, since most parents agree on the community control abetted by this ruling, especially in light of what has been happening to put so many children’s lives at risk during the last two years under Biden and the Democrats.

A License to Kill During School Hours

Pregnant teens may use abortion as birth control in many jurisdictions, including California, where anyone who is pregnant has the right to have an abortion before the baby is viable outside the womb.  School nurses may, therefore, facilitate access to abortion services for teen girls with impunity.  In other words, the same nurses who are barred from giving aspirin to minors for headaches are permitted by law to offer those same minors – if pregnant – access to abortions.  Parents across America have been rattled by this Progressive agenda.

Suicide by Sex-Change

In many jurisdictions, the abuse of children by sex-change surgery is not only legal but is being promoted by the medical and educational establishments.  It is now legal for the childish whims of minors to be honored – often over parental objections.  In California, the same children whose immature caprices are honored when it comes to radical surgical procedures are barred from getting a tattoo from a licensed tattoo artist – even with parental consent – until they reach adulthood; twelve years old is the age of consent for a permanently life-altering surgery whose recipients commit suicide at a rate twenty times higher than that of the general population.  If a child complains of parents who are not affirming his or her decision, the state may declare the parents abusive and place the child in foster care, paving the way for an easy conversion of healthy children into what Dr. Paul McHugh characterizes as “feminized men or masculinized women.”  Parents who follow science, rather than the preferences of the Democrat party, prefer to listen to the facts presented by Dr. McHugh, who asserts that about four out of five children with gender issues “spontaneously” grow out of their gender dysphoria, if they are simply allowed to do so.

Parents Objecting to Porn Are Targeted

Many of the libraries in America’s public schools (often run on an honor system allowing students to borrow and return books without a formal check-out or check-in procedure in place) offer such fare as Lawn Boy and Gender Queer.  Because the schools operate in loco parentis – in place of the parent – the question of government censorship is not at issue.  Schools should be providing a rich educational curriculum within the community standards of decency that parents deem to be safe for children.  Many school districts are not doing so, and there are even school boards who are asking Biden’s FBI to target as domestic terrorists any unhappy parents who challenge district porn policy at school board meetings.

Child Slavery and Sex-Trafficking

The government’s open-border policy over the last two years has permitted the cartels – and other evildoers who participate in the trafficking of children as sex slaves – to profit as never before.  In contrast to Trump’s having shut down child sex-slavery to a great extent, Biden’s open border has caused a huge uptick in the kidnaping and selling of young children.  Websites like CityXGuide and Backpage, which once freely engaged in sex trafficking and child prostitution, were shut down by Trump’s Department of Justice, but Trump’s efforts have, unfortunately, been successfully countered by Biden and the Democrats over the last two years.  This has not gone unnoticed by parents.

Revenge of the Parents

Parents are on a crusade to take back control of their children’s lives.  Most parents know that children are not wise enough to choose to have an abortion or a vaccine without parental guidance.  And if this much is true, those same children are certainly not grown-up enough to make decisions regarding their own genital mutilation.  Also, parents do not want the public schools to become glorified porn distribution hubs; and the child sex-trafficking that Trump worked so fervently to curtail, only to be reinvigorated by Biden’s open border, needs to be shut down for good.

President Trump signed eight laws and two executive orders to fight human trafficking, with special emphasis given to saving the children.  Parents are now realizing that, in order to choose life, in accord with their Judeo-Christian family values, it has become necessary to vote for common-sense conservatives who share their values – and to do so in numbers great enough to overcome ballot harvesting, illegal voting, and all other forms of election fraud.  Trump endorsed Republican outsiders throughout the primaries, to rid his party of its most corrupt incumbents; and, to beat Democrats at the polls, Trump has been telling anyone willing to listen the authentic news at his rallies in the run-up to November 8th.  Things are going to change, not only in DC, but in the states and municipalities as well, for the red wave that has arrived to institute change and bring justice is borne of an unquenchable parental desire to save the children.

Paul Dowling has written about the Constitution, as well as articles for American Thinker, Independent Sentinel, Godfather Politics, Eagle Rising, and Free Thought Matters.

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