Handy-dandy guide to media coverage of the FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried scandal

The legacy media, especially those outlets that accepted donations from San Bankman-Fried, really wish the case would just go away.

Disgraced former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried financially backed half a dozen media outlets including ProPublica, Vox and the Intercept, it has emerged. (snip)

Other recipients of FTX's grants include Semafor, The Law and Justice Journalism Project and an unspecified podcast.

Even those who were not on the take from the fraudster are uncomfortable with all the connections of the criminal conspiracy to funding Democrats, a few RINOs, Ukraine, and other sacred cows.

A lot of the best investigative digging is going to come from independent journalists, often self-publishing on Substack.  Matthew Crawford's long essay on Substack is one example.  Toward the end, he cuts through the blather being put out in the establishment propaganda media to make the story go away and offers a quick thumbnail of their treatment of the scandal:

On the media side, we see the traditional Titans of the Mainstream running a well-practiced interference circle jerk for FTX-A:

  • WaPo: Dude gave money to politicians. Move along.
  • Vox: Look, it's a narcissist! And he regrets filing for Chapter 11. Move along.
  • Vox: Impact on politics overrated. (Do we have to stop and argue with this nonsense? Or just look for who butters whose bread?)
  • Forbes: Caroline Ellison was a weird, nerdy, narcissistic sociopath, and new darling of the alt right (ha!). Move along.
  • NPR: Fortunately this isn't the real economy. Move along.
  • Forbes: Gensler just wants to build a resume. Move along.
  • EA: "We disavow!" Move along.
  • Jane Street: "We are disappointed in SBF." (This one may be fair and true.)

Hat tip: Mark Wauck, Meaning in History

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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