GOP must insist on a return to pre-2020 election system in competitive states or die

It’s entirely possible that the Republicans will not win the House. If they do, it will be by a razor thin margin under circumstances that should have produced a blowout.

The main reason for this second in a row reversal of all historic electoral precedent is plain to anyone who wants to look and be honest:

Florida has an electoral law that most closely recreates the US election DAY mechanics of all time prior to 2020: No mass mailing of unrequested absentee ballots to all registered voters - only those registered voters requesting an absent ballot no later than 10 days before the election get one; and their ballot is counted only if received by a specific date.  In Florida there was strict enforcement of date deadlines, and larger percentages of voters than elsewhere voted at the polls.

Ergo: in Florida there was fast counting and quick results; and much less time for shenanigans.

And a Republican blowout.

In Florida there was no collecting/harvesting of ballots. And - even more important - no voting by that substantial segment of the Democrat party base that’s too disorganized and generally out of it to either remember to go to the polls or to request an absentee ballot.

The mass mailing of millions of absentee ballots, coupled with lengthy return periods and allowed methods of return (e.g., unsupervised drop boxes) has, in a multitude of ways, expanded the Dem vote.

It may save them both the House and Senate this time.

This was foreseeable. In Florida it was fixed. What was wrong during the last two years with the rest of the Republican leadership?

This election conclusively establishes that until the corrupt electoral mechanics established in 2020 in almost all competitive states are abolished, and something like Florida’s electoral laws put into place, Republicans will be laboring not merely against the entire corporate and tech media, but under vote mechanics that give the Dems: 1. every opportunity to engage in fraud; and 2. constitute a national remedial help plan for several million Democrat-inclined incompetents who, in the absence of these mechanics, would not vote at all.

All of this adds up to an unknown but significant number of votes for the Dems that were never available to them in years prior to 2020. This advantage, coupled with numerous others (see above) is too much for the traditional conservative party to overcome. Even in circumstances like those prevailing on November 8, 2022, which, under the electoral mechanics that prevailed before 2020, would have produced a Republican blowout.

All the blather about weak candidates, wrong messaging, abortion and Donald Trump are so much barking up wrong trees. This atrocious Republican electoral outcome will have been produced by the electoral mechanics that the timid Republican establishment allowed to be adopted in 2020, and then to be extended to this election, and - for all the fight on this issue Republican leaders have shown - probably forever.

Republicans, conservatives and patriots! 

It’s the electoral mechanics, stupid!

Fight those mechanics in the courts, change them in the legislatures, or continue to watch Democrats eat your lunch.

Photo credit: The Examiner CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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