Fake Indian goes on the warpath against Republicans

Now that Democrats have "won" the Senate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) is on the warpath.

In a Sunday op-ed for the New York Times, she went into full-frenzy, writing this:

If Republicans take the House, their majority will be stacked with election deniers who have embraced one overriding goal: the restoration of Donald Trump as president in 2024. They believe economic chaos weakens President Biden, so they are itching to use their leverage to hurt working families. This is the same strategy Republicans used after the 2010 midterms when they set off a debt-ceiling crisis, then demanded family-crushing austerity.

Democrats should fight back by making this lame-duck session of Congress the most productive in decades. We can start by lifting the debt ceiling now to block Republicans from taking our economy hostage next year. Democrats must then continue delivering for families. Where we can pursue legislative action, we should fight aggressively. When Republicans try to obstruct such action and the president can act by executive authority, he must. Most of all, the Democrats should be aggressive in putting Republicans on the defensive, pressing hard on why they are blocking much-needed initiatives to help Americans.

So instead of working with Republicans, which in the past has always been the job of the supposedly more collegial senate, she's out to get Republicans -- blocking, tackling, and getting around the law, in order to ram through the far-left agenda as if the country had approved such a political course by a wide majority.

Her party "won" in the Senate, but just barely, and that's not good enough -- she wants to actually wants to obliterate her opponents, with nothing short of political annihilation. 

For all the talk about retribution that came from overconfident Republicans in the run-up to the election  -- impeaching Joe Biden, investigating Hunter Biden -- it seems the Democrats were plotting the same sorts of things against Republicans, except with the cameras off.

And what she proposes is a path of excess, excess, excess. 

The famously fake Indian specifically wrote of lifting the debt ceiling, meaning, she wants to print and spend even more government money -- the way Hugo Chavez used to do, ramming Venezuela's economy into the ground. 

 It's said that voters often vote for gridlock to just keep one side from moving too fast, to slow things down and force lawmakers to take an incremental or middle course. Even leftist Democrat fixture Robert Reich claimed the voters want "stability."

Well, that's irrelevant to Warren, whose view of the senate is effectively that of a totalitarian regime with all the power.

Now she's looking to "get" Republicans. Sounds like the divisiveness of the past four years that the voters voted against -- is only going to intensify.

Image:  Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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