Ex-Surgeon General Jerome Adams reveals his struggles while seeking employment after leaving Trump's White House

A few days back, the Washington Post carried a piece by Manuel Roig-Franzia about life after the Trump administration for Trump’s former surgeon general Jerome Adams and his wife, Lacey.

Dr. Adams, who is African American, revealed that after his tenure with the Trump administration he was exploring job opportunities in academia.

Lacey revealed that for eight months after leaving office, Adams could not find a job, causing the couple to worry about how they would support their three children.

Adams says that every time he applied, he received polite rejections from university officials who feared that a former Trump official would be badly received by their left-leaning student bodies.

Dr. Adams official portrait as Surgeon General in 2019

This is a shocking instance of discrimination that has no place in one of the world’s largest democracies.

A qualified medical professional with experience serving at the highest level of the nation is considered unworthy of employment in academia just because of the political leaning of the president he worked for.

The claim that student bodies would reject him makes it worse

There could be two possibilities, and both prove a decline in educational institutions.

The University faculty and management could be using students as an excuse to discriminate against individuals with different political leanings.  The intolerance of brainwashed students for any diversity of opinion is well known. What is troubling is that instead of standing up to rogue students, the faculty and management capitulate before them.

The WaPo then claims that the former surgeon general’s predicament “underscores one of the givens of today’s political environment: association with Trump becomes a permanent tarnish, a kind of reverse Midas touch.“

Also “whether indicted or shunned or marginalized, a cavalcade of former Trump World figures have foundered”  in the aftermath of” the Trump Presidency, which the WaPo claims is the most chaotic Presidency in US history.

Once again, the WaPo is referring to discrimination against Trump officials without any condemnation. This suggests that they implicitly endorse of these discriminatory practices.

Back to Dr. Adams, his struggles ended in September 2021 when Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, a Republican former Indiana governor, hired Adams as their first executive director of health equity initiatives at the school.

The WaPo then attacks Trump via their interviewees. 

Lacey said she “hated Trump” and worried about the lasting “stigma” of working for Trump. But Jerome Adams convinced her of the worthiness of the opportunity.

Adams claimed that Trump is “a force that really does take the air out of the room” also “the Trump hangover is still impacting me in significant ways”.

The WaPo didn’t feel the need to be critical of it the usage of the term ‘stigma’ by Lacey or the discrimination faced by Adams, who claims that “People still are afraid to touch anything that is associated with Trump”

After whining perpetually for most of the interview, Adams was quick to add that he is “not complaining.” He added, “It is context.”  He then referred to the 2024 Trump campaign which he complains “will make things more difficult for” him.

Perhaps he is hoping to play the victim and elicit sympathy.

That may not work because his interviewers at the WaPo have no sympathy for him.

The article narrates an incident from 2018 when Lacey, who was recovering from cancer surgery, posted a selfie on her Facebook page with a little dig at the Trump administration. The WaPo claims that while Lacey was still groggy from the anesthesia following her surgery, Adams asked for her Facebook password to delete her anti-Trump post.

The WaPo is making the case that Dr. Adams was an enabler of the ‘tyrant’ Trump. Perhaps Adams was fearful or blindly loyal, hence he was more focused on deleting an anti-Trump post instead of comforting her while recovering from surgery.

The WaPo also attacks him for “his highly public role during the much-criticized early White House response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The WaPo make a ludicrous claims that Adams is racist towards black people for sharing a Valentine’s Day poem in 2020 on social media where he told African Americans, who were contracting the coronavirus in disproportionate numbers, to take precautions to protect their “Big Mama.”

To sum it up, the WaPo branded Adams as a Trump loyalist who was bigoted, insensitive towards his wife, and incompetent at his job. The implication is that he deserved his struggles.

The Adamses probably thought that opening up to the foremost Democrat mouthpiece The WaPo and attacking Trump would ‘destigmatize’ them and give them a seat back at a table in the corner.

But that didn’t happen, they merely used Jerome and Lacey to mount attacks on Trump. After Dr. Adams was no longer the useful idiot, they kicked him down a bit. This is exactly how the Democrats treat useful idiots; they are disposed of into the dust bin after usage.

Lacey receives favorable treatment throughout the article, perhaps because she hated Trump from the beginning.  But the primary purpose of this piece is to send a warning message to all those who are aspiring to work for the Trump campaign or the Trump administration of 2025. They are telling these aspirants, “Don’t do it or you too will face hardships.”

The Biden administration is already waging war on their political opponents via politized government agencies. This was the WaPo doing their bit.

The fear of discrimination that makes employment opportunities difficult and stigmatization that causes social ostracization will certainly dissuade people from working for Trump.

Perhaps these individuals were innovators who could have really made a difference. But now they might choose to stay away and the D.C. establishment maintains the status quo.

This is another sign of the erosion of democracy within the US.

The media and the Democrats attempt to stigmatize working for Trump to such an extent that Trump has limited choices and perhaps has to settle for swamp dwellers who will eventually work with nefarious external saboteurs to disrupt Trump's agenda or place impediments before it.

What blackens this darkness is the lack of outrage over this systemic discrimination.

This is another way that D.C. Establishment ensure a permanent hold on power in D.C.

The question is will order every be restored?

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