'Equity' is just communism

DIE.  Diversity, Inclusion, Equity is the mantra, the maniacal chant of the religious zealots of the left.

Equity comes from the elitists and globalists in the dominant political party.  But look more deeply.

Equity is forced redistribution of property.  Equity demands that those who have give to those who have not.  It's not a free exchange; it is forced by a central controller, by our own government.

Equity presupposes that you do not have any right to ownership of your property, including your earnings and accumulated wealth.

It sound innocuous, but equity is the precursor to all-out communism.  These leftists in the Democrat party parrot such luminaries as Soros, Schwab at the WEF, and most elitist Democrats.  They all channel Marx and Lenin.  

The left intend to enact a failed political and economic system (communism) but "do it better."  This is the level of economic destitution that runs our country today. 

If any entity is able to destroy your inalienable rights by redistributing wealth, then that entity has destroyed or intends to destroy our Constitution, along with your inalienable rights to life, liberty, and ownership of property.

This is the true threat to every American, not whether one supports or denigrates Trump or the next big personality.  The evil specter of totalitarian control by your own government is the one true threat.

Put petty differences aside and unite to reverse the trend to destruction forced on us by the left.  We will either be destroyed by our own government or arise from the ashes as individuals who put our government back under control of our Constitution.

And please stop waiting for the "one" person to solve all your problems.  The "one" person who will solve all your problems is you, the individual, working in concert with other individuals to save our cherished nation and pass down the beloved freedom we knew from the past.  And that we will know in the future.

Individual freedom is not a zero-sum game.  Individual freedom multiplies and magnifies as more individuals see it and live it.  Individual freedom propagates with mutual respect.

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