Democrat congressman compiles a comically misleading ‘Republican Vote Tracker’ list

The Democrat party is the party of many things. It is the party that rejected the Montana ballot measure to provide care to infants born alive during botched abortions; it is the party that nominates (and elects) mental invalids like Joe Biden and John Fetterman; but perhaps most relevant given Tuesday’s outcome, it is the party of uninformed and unthinking voters.

Tuesday morning, I came across a graphic shared by Hollywood’s Queen of Crude, Chelsea Handler. (Yes, the same Chelsea Handler who had to “remind” her boyfriend he was a “Black person” and therefore needed to know his place and vote Democrat, and the same Chelsea Handler who is currently on a comedy tour for her “Vaccinated and Horny” stand-up routine.)

The graphic was a list, a “Republican Vote Tracker” compiled by a New Jersey Democrat, and “verified” factual by…. Michael Moore (insert the tears of laughter emoji). Take a look below:

Now, apparently I need to state the obvious because thousands of Democrats on social media shared this post in all seriousness — simply saying something doesn’t make it true. The compilation is a list of brazen, yet unsupported claims, so it is difficult to determine what exactly the creator was referencing, and a little guesswork is required.

First of all, there was no vote for “cheaper gas” — in all likelihood, the author could have meant “100%” of Republicans voted against another (and unknown by me) big spending bill neatly advertised as “cheaper gas”, or possibly, the fact that zero Republicans voted for the Inflation Reduction Act. Now, if it’s the latter, news flash: the IRA became law, and gas prices only became less crippling when Biden drained the strategic reserves, which wasn’t part of the omnibus bill. Worth noting though, eliminating energy independence via the hampering of domestic oil production and procurement is a Democrat position, and one taken by Biden on his first day in office — in reality, Democrat actions are at odds with “cheaper gas.”

Next, we see that “100% of Republicans voted against saving Roe v. Wade”. Given that this is Democrats we’re talking about, it’s conceivable to me that they would characterize the SCOTUS decision to reverse Roe as a “vote.” In the event that it’s not, I’m assuming the creator of the list was referring to the Senate vote on the grotesquely named “Women’s Health Protection Act” which saw Joe Manchin side with Republicans on the move to codify brutal infanticide into federal law.

But perhaps the most obvious in all of this is that the Democrats effectively held both lawmaking chambers, and the presidency. Therefore, so what if Republicans voted against any of these items? It wouldn’t have prevented the Democrats from enacting measures for “cheaper insulin” or “more baby formula” — they had the political majority to pass anything they wanted to pass. (Remember a giggling Kamala breaking the tie for the IRA?) Therefore, a failure to deliver “cheaper gas” and affordable medications falls squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats who possessed the ability to make those objectives a reality.

In an effort to find a voice of reason, I then read through some of the comments — but that only added to the madness. One woman posted a cartoon image which included the words, “Vote for the party who [sic] wants everyone to vote” while another said, “Republicans have voted against anything that will make life better for people. Don’t believe it? Look it up!” Yeah, real sound logic there.

In the most surreal and ironic twist, someone even left an picture in the comments section which depicted President Trump’s face photoshopped onto the likeness of Jesus, with a caption that read, “Patron saint of the poorly educated and perpetually misinformed.”

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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