CNN misses the mark on midterm predictions, and blames it all on bumbling Biden

Just yesterday, CNN published a piece asserting the only way for Democrats to retain control of at least one chamber of the federal legislature hinges upon “Republicans blowing it.” The analysis took historical trends, and sought to apply the data in an effort to determine “why” Republicans are pulling ahead nearly everywhere.

There’s one glaring misstep though — this is an unprecedented election year, and never have the Democrats been this destructive, this quickly.

The author declares impending losses are statistically true, and nothing more than a Biden performance review — but completely ignores the real reasons Democrats are on track to get their clocks cleaned.

The first is that their policies, across the board, are radical and extreme, and the results are terrible. The issues on most Americans’ minds is inflation and the unaffordable cost of living, which is a direct result of Democrats actions over the past two years. Both in policy and spending, Biden and his comrades have waged a war on fossil fuels and destroyed energy independence in pursuit of the Green agenda — crippling a country that runs on oil hits everyday Americans who make up a vast majority of the populace. The media facilitates the false narrative, blaming “greedy” oil and energy companies; odd though, because those for-profit companies existed during Trump’s tenure when prices were affordable and inflation was low.

Another reason they are set to lose is because their candidates are awful, and totally removed from reality. When mentally deficient people like Fetterman and Biden are actual political contenders, they’ve got a serious problem. The rest of the politicians are basically voting puppets for Pelosi and Schumer, rubber-stamping every bad bill that comes to the chamber floor. Then, when campaigning, suddenly they’re “moderate” and “independent.” On top of all that, they completely lack the virtue of honesty.

Just last night, Biden asserted that stolen elections are a “big lie.” What about all the Democrat election deniers though? Hillary Clinton is already spreading conspiracy theories claiming, “Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally [emphasis added] steal the next presidential election[.]” That is as dishonest as the Russian collusion and dossier story she infected the public with for years; a narrative repeated by a complicit media.

Democrats consistently blame Republicans for what they do. Bill Clinton, the man who repeatedly patronized “Whites-only” establishments, says the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan implies an agenda which would see the U.S. restore the racism that accompanied the Jim Crow era; (un)ironically, Jim Crow laws were creations of the Democrats.

They lie, claiming there is a “war” against women, when in reality, an overwhelming majority of the country disavows the murder of preborn children.

School choice, a policy which gives parents the freedom to choose where their child(ren) attends school, is a political referendum and an impetus to compel an education that serves the parent and child. Yet according to Obama, it means Republicans want to disadvantage the underprivileged.

Or better yet, they simply regurgitate unfounded word vomit. While stumping for a congressional candidate just a few days back, Bill Clinton said:

The Republicans are pretty simple actually, and pretty straightforward…. They say, ‘I want you to be very miserable, and I want you to be very angry. And I want you to vote for us, and we’ll make it worse, but we’ll blame them [Democrats].’

The choice gets easier every day. Vote for the party whose platform includes freedom and prosperity to the people, rather than the politicians for whom the media campaigns; or vote for the party who completed the weaponization of the Justice Department and the IRS, all while lining their pockets with taxpayer money. There is a threat to the American system of government — it’s not a democracy despite the Democrats constantly referring to it as such — but it certainly isn’t the MAGA crowd; it’s the Democrats, and it looks like they’re about to be magnificently rebuked.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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