Charitable journalists giving Ron DeSantis sage advice on how to win in 2024

Ron DeSantis just won the previously purple state of Florida by 20%, and now altruistic leftists are giving him advice on how to win a national election.

These people, thinly disguised as journalists, have no desire for a Republican to win the presidency, or anything else, so conservative leaders should never take their “advice.” Their “advice” is meant to reduce a candidate’s support among Republicans, derailing the conservative cause. In a recent piece published by The Hill, journalists Amie Parnes and Max Greenwood lamented DeSantis’ lack of political correctness, saying:

He’s not warm and fuzzy[.]

Anyone who has followed DeSantis in recent years knows he doesn’t mince words. In fact, he’s intentionally over the top. There was the time he called outgoing chief medical adviser to the president Anthony Fauci a ‘little elf’ and said someone ‘should chuck him across the Potomac.’

I had no idea that the requirement for a president was to be warm and fuzzy. I thought competency and good policies were much more important.

Of course, most journalists and other Democrats voted for a president who inappropriately and consistently sniffs little girls’ hair, called a constituent a “dog faced pony soldier”, threatened to take Trump “behind the gym” and beat him up, called election integrity measures “Jim Crow laws”, and told a Black radio host that if he didn’t vote Democrat, then he wasn’t Black.

Perhaps the leftists in the media should focus on making their own politicians “warm and fuzzy” because at this point, there’s never been a less palatable president.

These writers say DeSantis overwhelmingly won because he gets the job done. Isn’t that the most important thing for a politician to do? Sadly, the reporter doesn’t care that Biden doesn’t do anything right; he never gets the job done.

The authors continue, and say DeSantis is angry. I sure don’t see that, but I have seen Biden extremely angry as he attacks everyone who voted for Trump.

According to “one Republican supporter” DeSantis has one mode, which is “own the libs.”

Oh no! One anonymous Republican said DeSantis isn’t an ideal choice, because he always wants to “own the libs.” Gosh, I guess DeSantis isn’t viable until every single Republican agrees with him. I wonder if these journalists would discard Biden just because one Democrat didn’t agree with his actual lack of decorum? Doubtful.

Then they go on, discrediting DeSantis because he’s “never competed on the national stage”, saying:

With his growing political profile, it’s easy to forget that DeSantis is still a relative newcomer on the national scene. And while he’s hit the campaign trail for Republican candidates in states such as Arizona, Nevada and Ohio, he’s never had to stump for himself outside Florida. That makes DeSantis something of a wild card when it comes to a presidential campaign.

But of course, we don’t call them the dishonest media for nothing, and Parnes and Greenwood then label Florida’s governor as “too far right.” What is “right”? Defending the border? Low taxes? Fewer regulations? Open schools? Limits on abortion? Energy independence? Freedom of school choice? Keeping men out of women’s sports and locker rooms? Protecting children from sexual grooming? Honoring American heritage?

Those policies, which are essentially Trump’s policies, are very popular, and won over historic numbers of voters in the minority communities. These journalists would never tell Democrats they are too far left, because they themselves are extreme leftists. They want government tyranny. They want puberty blockers for toddlers and abortion butchery for full-term babies. To a crazed leftist, “too far right” is really just a political moderate from 20 years ago.

I see a lot of the media tout wishy-washy RINO’s like Larry Hogan and Asa Hutchinson for president. They clearly want Republicans to lose. The only time they like these people is when they trash conservative Republicans.

They would never support any of these people they trot out as reasonable Republicans even if they were running against incompetents like Biden or Fetterman.

Summary: Republicans should never take advice from journalists. They don’t want us to win!

Image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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