Cancel culture survivor on the ticket in Colorado

In Colorado, candidates for governor select lieutenant governors to run with them.  Republican Heidi Ganahl selected a cancel culture survivor to run with her.  How apropos for the times.

In April 2021, Danny Moore was removed as chair of the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission in a unanimous vote by his fellow commissioners after left-leaning 9News reported that he had questioned the 2020 presidential election on Facebook.

A badge of honor, many would say.  (Has 9News ever reported on the Mother of Election Deniers, Hillary Clinton, and her claims about the 2016 election?  Don't think so.)

In an interview with John Caldara of the Independence Institute, Moore said, "To be put down and criticized for simply asking the question — that is un-American."

Lexi Swearingen spoke for Heidi Ganahl on the subject to The Colorado Sun.  "Heidi and Danny are united in their commitment and focus on winning this November.  They agree Joe Biden is our president and Jared Polis is our governor and that we need to do everything we can to change that this November and in 2024.  Election integrity is paramount, and we must work to restore voter confidence."

The truth is, the left has tried to distract with this red herring of an issue because Danny Moore is a Coloradoan of substance who adds value to the Ganahl campaign and will help Ganahl govern in the state.

Jared Polis is running with Dianne Primavera, a former state representative who currently serves in his administration, helping with health care policy.

If you'd rather not reduce Moore to a political meme, as the Colorado media seem to want to, you can look instead at what the Ganahl website says about him: "served 24 years in the United States Navy"; "over 19 years of leadership experience in the aerospace and defense industry"; "nearly 43 years of operational and business experience in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance"; and much more.  Moore said of himself, "I will be mission-focused and deliver what is best for Colorado."

In addition, Moore can reach out to minority communities in Colorado more effectively than can Polis and Primavera because he is African-American.  Word is that he has been doing so with Ganahl already during the campaign.  Also, the two are scheduled for a Black Voices for Heidi and Danny Meet and Greet and Q&A with Casper Stockham and SPARK in this week before the election.  "The Colorado Community SPARK plan will bring real solutions to underserved communities."

If you are in Colorado, contact the Ganahl campaign and ask for an invitation to Wednesday's event in Aurora.

Said Ganahl of her running mate, "Danny is a wonderful addition to our winning team.  We share a common vision to lower Colorado's soaring cost of living, gas prices, and crime rates."

When has Colorado had the chance to have a distinguished veteran and businessman serve the state as lieutenant governor?  Like never.  Voters should jump on the opportunity now and vote for Ganahl and Moore.  They will get a survivor of cancel culture also.

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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