Caligula's horse and the US Senate

According to the Roman historian Suetonius, the emperor Caligula made plans to install his favorite racehorse, a beast called Incitatus, as a Roman senator — although, as the story goes, Caligula was assassinated before he could do so.  This and other deranged actions by Caligula have led some to hypothesize that he suffered some severe neuropsychological injury, in part because his behavior grew drastically unhinged after he narrowly survived a life-threatening illness.

In the case of John Fetterman, the stroke victim and current Democrat candidate for senator from Pennsylvania, the Democrat party has done its utmost to match Caligula's arrogance, absurdity, and disdain for the citizenry, and to surpass the famously depraved emperor in cruelty.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Democrat party, Fetterman's wife Gisele, one Dr. Clifford Chen, and the legacy media, the pathetic spectacle that was Fetterman's attempt to debate Dr. Mehmet Oz on October 25 was the first and only opportunity for most voters to see that John Fetterman is severely cognitively impaired, and beyond question unfit to represent them in the United States Senate.

Why would an emperor want to make a senator out of his horse?  Why would a modern political party seek to do the same with a man who can neither speak coherently nor comprehend spoken language without electronic prompting?

Before any false outrage ensues, let me be clear: I am not suggesting that John Fetterman is an animal.  Rather, he is a sick and severely impaired human being, and he should be getting proper treatment.  He should not be used to grab political power while being publicly humiliated in the process.  But this is exactly what the Democrats are doing to him now.

All humans, including John Fetterman, should be treated with respect for their fundamental human dignity.  But human dignity is not the Democrats' strong suit these days — witness the skyrocketing crime, homelessness, and violence in Democrat-run cities and states; the unimpeded trafficking of children and fentanyl across the southern border under our current Democrat administration in Washington, D.C.; and the strident demands of Democrats nationwide for abortion on demand, without restriction.

Assuming that Caligula was not completely insane, one can surmise the intended message of his equine stunt: I can do whatever I want, however cynical, absurd, and degrading that may be.  What matters is not the office, its intended function, or even that of government as a whole.  All that matters is that I possess power and that no one questions my power.

What kind of political monsters would treat our government and citizens as cynically as Caligula did his?  Who would deceptively promote such a deeply impaired (and therefore easily manipulated) candidate as a competent individual for a key post in a representative democracy?  What degree of imperious immorality would such behavior require?

With Fetterman, the horse is now out of the barn, so to speak, and the Democrats and their army of media lackeys are frantically shutting the doors.  No doubt they will say, at some point, that this was nobody's fault.  Stuff happens, don't you know.  The guy had a stroke, and circumstances took on a life of their own.

Well, no.  Fetterman's stroke occurred several days before the primary, and the eventual second-place finisher was a viable alternative — in fact, a sitting congressman.  But the Democrat party stuck with Fetterman and chose to hide his impairments.

Sound familiar?

Oh, yeah — they did the same thing in the 2020 presidential election, with the obviously demented Joseph Marionette Biden.  And how has that worked out for America?  Recession, runaway inflation, the disastrous bug-out from Afghanistan, millions of illegal aliens pouring in through Mexico, proxy war in Ukraine, an impending energy crisis, and more.  But at least Ron Klain, Susan Rice, or whoever else is pulling the strings in the Oval Office still possesses power.

A pattern has emerged, and only a party as depraved as Caligula himself would adopt such a strategy to seizing and holding power.  To repeatedly deceive the electorate into electing mentally impaired persons — cognitive Trojan horses — to high office, all for them to be controlled by Deep State apparatchiks and party éminences grises, is beyond reproach.  It reeks of a disdain for representative government so great that it makes an outright mockery of it.

We cannot know if Caligula's bizarre actions were born of malice or lunacy.  But the power-hungry party attempting to install John Fetterman in the United States Senate cannot plead insanity.  They already did the same thing with Joe Biden in the presidency.  There is too much method here to be madness.  This is evil.

Image: John Fetterman.  Governor Tom Wolfe via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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