Biden's would-be disinformation chief, Nina Jankowicz, registers as a foreign agent

Remember Nina Jankowicz, Joe Biden's would-be nominee to lead his now defunct Disinformation Governance Board?

Sure you do, she did the Mary Poppins imitation for us. She was all about 'informing' us about the national security threat of MAGA ... from her China-controlled TikTok account.

Be hard to forget that one. Remember this?



Well, now the wannabe "disinformation czar," whose gig censoring Republicans fell through, has got a new gig.

According to Breitbart News's Joel B. Pollak:

Nina Jankowicz, the would-be “disinformation czar” who was dropped from the Department of Homeland Security after public scrutiny, has now registered officially as a foreign agent, according to government records.

Jankowicz, who was executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, was at the center of controversy over the Biden administration’s attempt to censor opposing views.


She has now registered as a foreign representative under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), on behalf of the Centre for Information Resilience, a British organization devoted to countering disinformation online.

One critic of the group, which was only incorporated in 2020, noted its focus on censorship and wondered openly if it is “a British government cutout, conducting info-war operations at arm’s length from the state.”

This pretty well puts paid to her claims to being all about national security, patriotism, and 'democracy,' which she used as her rationale for halting 'disinformation' and censoring conservatives.

Turns out she's nothing but a mercenary in the service to the highest bidder and if that bidder is a foreign power, no big deal.

Sure, you might think, it was "only" the U.K., which is America's closest ally. Fine and dandy. But also recall that the U.K. has been the nest of some of the most scurrilous meddling into our electoral affairs -- with the completely fabricated Steele dossier a U.K. operation done by Christopher Steele, a former U.K. intelligence official. You can bet that Jankowicz is not serving as a registered foreign agent for the Nigel Farage group of Brits. Odds are, she may be in with the Steele crowd, which, ironically, is probably the most famous purveyor of disinformation.

Pollak notes that Jankowicz has already spread around quite a bit of this disinformation herself:

...Jankowicz was herself a font of disinformation, spreading the notorious “Alfa Bank hoax” before the 2016 election, which falsely claimed that then-candidate Donald Trump had financial ties to a Russian bank. has the Washington Examiner:

Jankowicz has a history of labeling claims as disinformation that were later found to have credibility and giving credence to discredited claims. She cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story, touted Christopher Steele as a disinformation expert, downplayed Iranian election meddling in the 2020 election, critiqued the promotion of the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis, pushed debunked claims of Trump-Russia collusion, and more.

There was this, too, from Offensively Patriotic:

While she sat in her high tower trying her hardest to determine what the rest of us could say, Jankowicz did her best to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story as nothing more than “Trump campaign product” despite the fact it’s been confirmed. During the second presidential debate, Jankowicz posted that President Joe Biden cited “50 former natsec officials and 5 former CIA heads that believe the laptop is a Russian influence op.”

She claimed that the Steele Dossier, which we all know is fake, was funded by Republicans.

Does it strike anyone as just a little odd that someone who has a propensity to hector the public about "national security," and claim everything that excites her as a leftist is a matter of national security, national-security this, national-security that, "patriotism," and "protecting Constitutional rights" suddenly has no problem climbing aboard to shill for a foreign entity if the price is right?

Her patriotism talk was an act. Now the mask is off and she's headed for some new project to figure out how to shut down even more conservative voices. She's a censor without a country. Don't be surprised if she keeps moving toward more such countries in the future. Let's just say that in the long run, she's digging to China. 

Image: Twitter screen shot

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