Biden goes full frontal, 'making sure' Trump can't run for president

Joe Biden is trying to prevent President Trump from ever running for office. Makes it easier for him that way, given that he plans to run himself, and in any case, he's also motivated by Trump's impeachment call to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky which revolved around investigating the corrupt doings of Biden's debauched son, Hunter. But mostly, he just wants to stop his political competition, which is a dictator's move if there ever was one.

Biden's denied such an aim in the past, but a few days ago, he dropped the fig leaf at the White House following the G-7 summit and went full frontal:

And so, what I find is that [the G-7 leaders] want to know: Is the United States stable?  Do we know what we’re about?  Are we the same democracy we’ve always been? 

Because, look, the rest of the world looks to us — I don’t mean that we’re always — like we’re always right.  But if the United States tomorrow were to, quote, “withdraw from the world,” a lot of things would change around the world.  A whole lot would change. 

And so, they’re very concerned that we are still the open democracy we’ve been and that we have rules and the institutions matter.  And that’s the context in which I think that they’re looking at: Are we back to a place where we are going to accept decisions made by the Court, by the Congress, by the government, et cetera? 

Q    So the entire genesis of that G7 conversation was tied to your predecessor, who is about to launch another campaign.  So how do you reassure them, if that is the reason for their questioning, that the former President will not return or that his political movement, which is still very strong, will not —

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, yeah?  (Laughs.)  

Q    — once again take power in the United States?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by — if we — if he does run.  I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.

What the hell are the 'legitimate efforts of our Constitution'? He sounds as though he thinks the thing has legs?

And what's with this "making sure" Trump won't run? How does he "make sure"? Is the fix in?

Now that he's "making sure," on Trump, it's pretty obvious that these actions have been all about preventing a potential rival from running for office.

The only thing a sane voter can take from such remarks is that he thinks it's his job to make our voting decisions for us. In a normal representative democracy, if Trump is the right man for the job, we will vote for him. If he's not, we will vote for someone else. Biden's bid to stop Trump is really an attempt to stop us from voting for Trump, which is dictatorship in democracy's clothing. It's none of his business who we vote for.

Biden in fact seems to be emboldened by the ongoing rigging in the system, which kept many Republicans out of power in a wave year on very questionable activities in the voting apparatus. Now, he is now taking the electoral rigging to new levels with this tyrannical remark.

Robert Spencer at Frontpage magazine has an interesting analysis about what kind of dictators do this sort of thing here.

The remark does represent a break from his previous claims that his Justice Department's actions against him have nothing to do with politics, and are just simple matter of law and order. He claimed he was never in the loop on activities such as the FBI raid on Trump's personal residence at Mar-a-Lago and only read about it in the news. Here was his September inteview with 60 Minutes:

Scott Pelley: Have you been briefed, sir, on the top-secret documents that were found at Mar-a-Lago?

President Joe Biden: No.

Scott Pelley: No one has come to you to warn you that important national security secrets were revealed by the storage of those documents at the former president's home?

President Joe Biden: I have not personally spoken to anyone on that — in that regard. I'm sure my administration is aware of all of that, and so is the National Security Council. But I have not.

Scott Pelley: Were you notified of the FBI's execution of a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago?

President Joe Biden: No. Not ahead of time. 

And it turns out he did know all about it all along, based on a note from a federal judge (boldface mine), who wrote:

On May 10, 2022, NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed with "provid[ing] the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President, beginning as early as Thursday, May 12, 2022."  [citation]

Now we learn that he's busy "making sure" that Trump, his potential rival, can never run for president against his sorry self.

Obviously, Joe is obsessed with Trump even at this late day and age.

He seems to have taken a page from Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin, both of whom have eliminated potential election rivals by throwing them in jail. Or, like Mexico's perfect dictatorship, Mexico under one-party PRI rule, he's looking to completely discredit, destroy and exile the guy who came before him.

That the fix is in pretty well gives President Trump grounds to call for dismissal of the all the charges against him, now that we know that Joe has explicitly stated that he is trying to stop Trump from running for office with his legal maneuvers.

If justice worked correctly, it indeed would be good news for President Trump.

Regardless of the quality of our justice, though, the whole statement is beneath the office of the presidency and belongs in the annals of Hitler and his ilk, as Spencer aptly noted. Biden made his fascist speech at Independence Hall not too long ago. Now he's going after his dissidenting rivals and not even trying to disguise it anymore.

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