Be afraid! The climate is changing (as it always has)

Another day, another doomsday report from the United Nations on the climate.

Here we go:

UN Weather Report: Climate Woes Bad and Getting Worse Faster

The United Nations' weather agency says the state of Earth's climate is bad and getting worse faster than before, especially with sea level rise accelerating. ...

In its annual state of the climate report, the United Nations' weather agency said that sea level rise in the past decade was double what it was in the 1990s and since January 2020 has jumped at a higher rate than that. Since the decade began, seas are rising at 5 millimeters a year (.2 inches) compared to 2.1 millimeters (.08 inches) in the 1990s.

The last eight years have been the warmest on record, the WMO said in a report that didn't break new ground but was a collection of recent weather trends, data and impacts in one central place.

The only reason that the globe hasn't broken annual temperature records in the past few years is a rare three-year La Niña weather phenomenon, he said.

The data on sea level and average temperatures are nothing compared to how climate change has hit people in extreme weather. The report highlights the summer's incredible flood in Pakistan that killed more than 1,700 people and displaced 7.9 million, a crippling four-year drought in East Africa that has more than 18 million hungry, the Yangtze River drying to its lowest level in August, and record heat-waves broiling people in Europe and China.

The purpose of all of these reports is to scare the public into submission and spend massive amounts of money supporting the extremists' green agenda.  As always, the media just regurgitate this information without any questions.  They don't care that previous reports have been wrong.

A humorous sentence from the report says that the Earth would have been warmer if not for Mother Nature.

There are a large number of variables that affect the climate and temperature.  There are no scientific data from the last 150 years, when the temperature has gone both up and down, that justify blaming a couple-degree rise, after a little ice age ended, on oil or coal. 

As for the Pakistan flood:

There have been massive floods throughout the Earth's history. It is pathetic that so many people pretend that floods are worse than ever and further pretend that they can pinpoint the cause to humans, oil, coal, methane, and CO2. They are just making it up. 

The 1887 Yellow River flood in Qing China began in September 1887 and killed at least 930,000 people.[1][2] It was the single deadliest flood in China, in turn making it one of the largest disasters in China by death toll.

A massive flood created the English channel over 400,000 years ago.

A cataclysmic flood cleaved Britain from France hundreds of thousand years ago, in a violent act of nature that carved out the white cliffs of Dover and set the course of history for a new island.

Then they talk about a four-year drought in East Africa, as if long droughts haven't occurred throughout history.  How do these people believe that the Earth got covered by so many deserts?

The 1820s–1830s drought was probably the worst of the last 200 years. Lake levels fell in central Kenya (with Lake Baringo drying up completely), and reports from European travellers describe prolonged famine, possibly lasting as long as 20 years, affecting areas including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Sahara desert used to be fertile until an eight-thousand-year drought began naturally.  The people and animals adapted. 

Rapid end of the Green Sahara 8,000 years ago

9,000 years ago most of the Sahara was covered by large lakes and savannah that were populated by herds of wild game[.]

As for the ocean rising two tenths of an inch per year: Oceans average more than 12,000 feet deep.  It would be impossible to measure that close and then adjust for all the natural variables.  There is no possible way to attribute the changes to the use of oil and coal. 

The climate as a whole has always changed cyclically and naturally and always will.  It is arrogant to claim that we can pinpoint the cause of current changes and impossible to believe that politicians and bureaucrats can control all aspects of the climate if we just give them money and destroy our quality of life. 

If we had honest and curious media, they would ask questions and do research before they just repeat what they are told.  They are essentially lobbyists for leftists. 

One simple question would show that it is a scam because the pushers of the green agenda couldn't answer it: where are the scientific data that show a direct relationship between crude oil use and temperatures?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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