Are Democrat immigration policies turning us into France?

In the second half of the 18th century, there were two revolutions: the American, which was about individual liberty in a well ordered society, and the French, which was ostensibly about liberty but was, in fact, about substituting one form of tyranny for another.  We know that it's one thing to enjoy France's cultural wonders; it's another thing to become like France.  That message is especially pertinent today as France drowns in illegal immigration.

In October, a horrible story emerged from France.  A woman kidnapped a 12-year-old girl named Lola.  She confessed that she

gagged Lola with tape, undressed her, tied her to a chair, raped her with objects, partially cut her throat, put the blood in a bottle and drank it, smoked a cigarette, then finished slitting Lola's throat and beheaded her. The woman stabbed the corpse multiple times before placing it in a plastic box, and took it down to the street.

The woman, it turned out, was an illegal alien from Algeria.  There are a lot of them in France.  The essay linked above lists France's immigration statistics:

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter Europe illegally each year. Many head for France and stay there. They have been benefiting, since 2000, from financial aid and free medical care to which even poor French citizens do not have access. If they are arrested, like Lola's murderer, they are ordered to leave the country, but are not placed in a detention center so the order, never enforced, is not an order at all. In 2020, 107,500 orders to leave France were issued; fewer than 7% took place.

Not all those illegal aliens are crazed pedophile murderers, but many engage in rape, robbery, and murder on a daily basis.  Illegal aliens commit 48% of all crimes in Paris.  Murders are common, with the immigrants frequently slitting their victims' throats (with the media opting for the more sterile phrase "stabbing them in the neck").

Image: March for Lola.  YouTube screen grab.  Notice NBC's carefully boring language when describing what the murderer did to Lola.

It's not just murder, though.  France has 200 reported rapes per day.  Just as Americans are noticing the rise in crime in their big cities, the French are noticing that, too:

Polls show that the French population are seeing violence rising sharply: 68% of French people say they feel their lives are increasingly insecure, and 75% say that the record of Macron and the government fighting crime is poor. 70% believe that illegal immigration is a serious problem.

It will remain a mystery why they re-elected Macron, under whose governance the rising crime is taking place.  Perhaps part of it is simply fatalism:

[T]he French population is the world's most pessimistic. An overwhelming majority of French people evidently think the future will be worse than the present. A poll published in April 2022 states that 77% of French people are certain that the country will not overcome the present economic and social crisis; a poll published in September 2022 show that 67% of French people think that the global situation will worsen due to climate change and that the planet has no future. ... [S]ociologist Jérome Fourquet writes of a French "collective nervous breakdown" and the "crumbling" of French society. He notes that the religious and historical moorings of the French people are disappearing: churches are empty, important moments in the country's history are no longer taught in schools. He adds that France's Muslim population, on the contrary, maintains its culture, customs and traditions, assimilates into French society less and less, and appears more and more filled with contempt and hatred for France, which many of them accuse of colonizing the Muslim world and exploiting Muslim workers.

America's situation, thankfully, is a bit different, and that's not just because we're a more optimistic people.  Although increasing numbers of Middle Eastern and North African Muslims are illegally crossing our southern border, most are still Latin Americans, who are Catholics or Evangelical Christians, making them infinitely less inclined to rape and murder.  Still, an open border means that there are no systems in place to stop the worst from coming.  The cartels own the border, Latin America boasts some of the most violent cities in the world, and Venezuela is apparently emptying its prisons of violent criminals by funneling them into America.

If Biden's border lawlessness and the Democrats' support for criminals continue unabated, we will soon have in America a critical mass of the worst people the world has to offer.  We won't know who they are, where they are, what they've already done, or what they're capable of doing.  They'll just be here, millions of human time bombs waiting to explode.

For the next two years, it's incumbent upon Republican politicians to push back against this lawlessness.  That pushback must culminate, in 2024, with a federal government (the president and Congress) completely committed to closing the American border and evicting those who came here illegally.  Otherwise, we're going to be France before we know it, only without the great chocolate mousse.

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