Alyssa Milano dumps Tesla because of ‘hate’ — but then buys a Hitler car

I, for one, consistently find myself stupefied regarding the bottomed out intellect of Hollywood’s leftist virtue-signalers — enter stage left, Alyssa Milano.

You might remember, during the height of Covid masking, Milano “did her part” against the virus, and donned a crochet mask. One conservative commentator referred to her act as being synonymous to a “screen door on a submarine”, and James Woods said this:

According to Woods, Milano “needs a few history lessons” — but why?

Well, now she’s really outdone herself. Musk’s restoration of the most basic measures of free speech and ethical standards to Twitter saw political conservatives once again permitted to coexist in the Twitterverse, and the move sparked a hostile outcry from a number of tolerant and accepting progressives; Milano being one of them. A woman known for her subpar ability to pass herself off for what she is not, is embracing the role of empathetic humanitarian — in protest, Milano has traded in her Tesla vehicle.

I’m sure you’re wondering, but no, this wasn’t satire. Milano actually denounced “hate” and “white supremacy” in the same breath that she bragged about patronizing a company whose history is intimately woven into the politics of Germany’s Adolf Hitler. News flash for Ms. Milano: Aryan eugenics, a hallmark policy of the Nazi regime, is actually more aligned with “white supremacy” than a moderate level of free speech for American conservatives.

Yesterday, a journalist for Breitbart wrote:

Volkswagen has direct ties to the Nazi party since the German automaker was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, a Nazi labor organization. During World War II, Volkswagen relied heavily on concentration camp labor for the manufacturing of its vehicles.

You can’t make this stuff up! The antics of leftist celebrities like Milano have now exploded past the boundaries of the absurd. In a self-deluded reality, there is no end to self-promotion, and from what I can tell, it almost always backfires. What kind of a person derives their virtue from doing business with a company with uniquely unscrupulous roots? Alyssa Milano, that’s who  and it shows.

The Bird is (somewhat) free, and American fascists like Milano are not having it; for them, it’s better to collaborate with Nazism than Americanism.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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