A supervillain lookalike, baby-killers, and demons — just your typical Democrats

Sometime between November 3rd, 2020 and January 20th, 2021, it appeared that Earth was no more, and instead our home planet became Bizarro World. There was almost no sign of intelligent life, and the few remaining thinkers became conditioned and desensitized to the abounding lunacy. It’s been a sharply descending roller coaster ride, and arguably, nothing shocks us anymore — but election season really, and I mean really, brings out the crazies.

Just in the last 24 hours, I stumbled upon several news stories and social media posts that I found quite… bizarre. Of course, it is utterly unsurprising considering with whom we’re dealing, but nonetheless, filtered through a lens of objective normalcy and morality, it’s still quite baffling. For now, the following examples take the cake for craziest leftists.

Let’s start from the top — the “supervillain lookalike”:

Lindsay Briggs is a “public health” professor based in… California. She has a doctorate, so in a normal reality, one might consider her an expert in her field. Except this is modern academia, and Bizarro World, so we can assume the exact opposite is true — and appears as though we’d be right! Despite the “body positivity” movement, obesity leads to a host of physical and mental ailments — most notably issues with the endocrine system — and just by looking at her, you would deduce that Ms. Briggs more than fits the medical definition. Then, given the social media post in question, you’d realize she is also suffering from psychological issues.

But wait, before you scroll down, take a wild guess what color hair she has….

She looks like Bane from the Batman comics! And in her faculty photo no less!

This is like Stockholm Syndrome, or a dependence disorder at this point — these people have serious attachment issues to a mask— I’m no doctor, but this is not normal, or indicative of a healthy human mind.

Next, and it’s brief, but we’ve got the “ baby-killers” example:

The nihilistic platform and agenda perpetuated by the Democrats is enough to encourage an environment where women would prefer to murder their own flesh and blood than know what it’s like to love a child as a mother. This beautiful young girl, would rather be a ‘murderer than a mother’ — how deeply tragic.

Lastly, it’s the “demons”:

Surprise surprise, the counting is stalled in Arizona, so in the meantime, Christians run to the Lord. In a Saturday morning corporate prayer time for candidate Kari Lake, leftist agitators interrupted the phone call with demonic rantings — because what else do they have if not allied with the “rulers” and “authorities” of this “present darkness”?

See what Sean Feucht had to say about it below:

It’s pretty sad and all-too-telling that brainless, miserable, and wicked people find themselves on the left side of the political spectrum. Leftism at the very root is godlessness, and therefore there can be no critical thought, no joy, and no righteousness. Their subjective mindframe creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of self-destruction and emptiness — is it any wonder they identify with the Democrat cause?

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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