A proposed MAGA manifesto

Approximately seven weeks ago, on September 1, Joe Biden gave a bizarre speech outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, whose style and content could have been from the 1930s, in another country.

Its purpose was to denounce a vaguely defined group — "MAGA extremists" — for vaguely defined anti-social activities.  Substitute "Jews" for "MAGA extremists," and you know where Joe is going with this.

Then, two weeks ago, on October 21, Joe's writers, finding they hadn't gotten the traction with "MAGA extremists" they had expected, turned the knob up to 11 and had Joe come out with "mega-MAGA" (a million times MAGA — a lot of MAGA).

What is Joe's revulsion of MAGA based on?  What is it in MAGA that Joe hates so much that he wants all America to know it, and to join him in it?

Below is what we are calling the MAGA Manifesto, the list of what policies we MAGAs support, and by extension, what Joe finds so unbearable that the policies on this list must be eliminated from public discourse.  This is a condition we call Democrat Governance.  It is what you get when you elect Democrats, and which Joe has been doing since he took office.



MAGA Manifesto


policies MAGAs support


based on his detestation of MAGA,

Joe is against





school choice




traditional curriculum

reading, writing, arithmetic



parents' involvement in their kids' schooling




dismantle politics classes

what percentage of classroom time...



dismantle extreme sex classes

...is used for these classes?



control our borders




control drugs coming across our borders




control surge in crime — restore police mojo

not just money; also the moral support of the community



de-woke the military — mission: to win in war

primacy of the warrior ethic



free market in oil & gas




recognize China's enmity — and respond to it

no more selling out to them



neither violence nor white supremacy

not a single report of this



not inflation — sound finance

only what the economy can support



keep voting simple

don't open it up to lax procedures



Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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