What's Biden hiding on the infant formula shortage?

The Biden administration made a mess with the infant formula shortage earlier this year, and the problem is still ongoing, remaining at crisis levels in some parts of the country.

But don't ask them how thing are going now. After launching a high-profile investigation on why it happened last May 24, the shortages are still there, and now there's a coverup.

According to the Washington Examiner:

EXCLUSIVE — President Joe Biden's Federal Trade Commission is being sued for allegedly blocking the release of records related to its investigation of the nationwide baby formula shortage.
The Functional Government Initiative, an ethics watchdog , sent a Freedom of Information Act request in August to the FTC for the records, noting their release is in the "public interest." But the watchdog has not received any records as of this writing and is now suing the FTC for "wrongfully withholding them," according to a Wednesday complaint obtained by the Washington Examiner.

"FGI anticipates that officials and staff at FTC discussed and participated in making and implementing decisions about the investigation into the infant formula crisis," read the watchdog's lawsuit. "The public does not have an ability to easily evaluate the decision-making surrounding FTC’s investigation."


The Functional Government Initiative smelled a rat on this probe, suspecting that the FTC was in bed with leftists in Congress, as well maybe taking orders from NGOs and Big Labor unions, and quite possibly making insulting remarks about all the moms with babies who were sending in the requested public comments to the agency as requested. There also was a legitimate question as to why it took the feds so long to investigate the baby formula shortage, given that it claimed a whistleblower complaint sent to it was "lost" in the mailroom for four months. Really? 

They made a request for the public records on this, and got stonewalled.

The formula is still in shortage, with the Washington Examiner citing data showing that it's just 87% in stock, compared to around 90% before the pandemic. The Examiner also cited a newly released household survey from the Census bureau stating that 30% of households say they still can't get the formula they need, meaning, some places may have a surplus, and others may have way less. That's how averages go, assuming the data are correct, and given that this is the Biden administration, it might not be.

Bottom line here is that the Biden administration doesn't want us to know how it's investigating the baby formula crisis, probably because it played such a big role in making it happen. Midterms are on, after all, so the records request can wait. The Bidenites along with the Obamatons, have a history of failing to release what are and should be public records, because they would show some kind of disaster.

One can only hope that the moms who were probably disparaged by these sneaky officials take that into account on election day -- and vote accordingly.

Image: John Crowley, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0



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