What the heck is wrong with Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot?

There is no doubt among those paying attention that Chicago is in crisis. Crime has exploded, with ordinary citizens living in fear of venturing out from their homes. (And, if they live in the wrong neighborhoods, their homes may be shot up as drive-by gang assassination attempts hitting neigboring homes.)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot may try to downplay the severity of the trendline, but Chicagoans understand the risks they take merely by walking or driving on the streets as recidivist criminals are set free to wreak mayhem again and again on the innocent:

Prosecutors said Friday that a Chicago man on parole for possessing a stolen motor vehicle and on bail for possessing another motor vehicle shot a concealed carry holder during a carjacking attempt in the South Loop.

Cortez Crayton, 24, is the 45th person accused of killing or shooting—or attempting to kill or shoot—someone in Chicago while awaiting trial for a felony this year. The alleged crimes involved at least 83 victims, 21 of whom died.

Major companies and well-to-do taxpayers are fleeing the city.

In the space of just seven weeks in May and June, Chicago was hit by a pair of corporate defections: Illinois’s richest man, Ken Griffin, announced he’s moving the home of his $57 billion Citadel hedge fund to Miami and Boeing Co. said it would pull its headquarters from the city. Caterpillar Inc. also decided to move its global headquarters to Texas from the nearby suburb of Deerfield.

So, how does Lightfoot respond? In a fashion that would make Emperor Nero blush. Watch this cringeworthy performance, apparently taking place in her City Hall chambers:

Is this truncated music video aimed at encouraging a benighted populace to cheer up in the face of the foreboding reality of the city under her leadership? If so, why is her face so grim throughout?

Twitter video screengrab

It may be that the mayor is an awful combination of a fantasist and an exhibitionist. Or it may be that she is simply a clown, using her office as an excuse to dress up and play out repulsive fantasies. As she has done numerous times in the past.

Lori Lightfoot Facebook video screengrab

Mayor Lightfoot has proven herself incapable of her job, and at best seeks to distract the electorate and populace from her failures. At worst, there is something deeply wrong with her mind. And the evidence is piling up for the latter hypothesis.

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