Volkswagen leaves glued green fanatics to stew in their own excrement

Greenie glue activists were at it again in Europe, gluing themselves to things of value to protest fossil fuels.

This time, they were in for a surprise.

Apparently viewing new German cars as the equivalent of museum-quality art -- hey, some people do -- they glued themselves to the floor of the Volkswagen Autostadt's Porsche Pavillion in Wolfsburg, Germany to protest, similar to the way many other green activists have been gluing themselves to art masterpieces in Europe's museums for the same reason.

According to the Daily Mail:

Eco-demonstrators who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen factory then moaned that their hands hurt and they could not go to the toilet have been arrested.

Nine activists from the Scientist Rebellion group broke into Autostadt, a museum and car showroom opposite Volkswagen's main factory in Wolfsburg, late on Wednesday and glued themselves to the floor of the Porsche pavilion.

They vowed to continue their protest until Volkswagen agreed to lobby ministers to decarbonise the transport industry.

But they began complaining after just a few hours that they had no food and staff had refused to bring them a bowl to defecate in.

What happened here is that the efficient German staff, undoubtedly acting in clockwork fashion, advised the protestors of the pavillion hours and when the protestors wouldn't leave, locked up for the night -- with the protestors inside. Unlike the museum staffers, who called the cops on them and had them hauled off, these practical no-nonsense Germans decided instead to ... leave them there. 

It was cold, dark, and since they were glued to the floor, uncomfortable, as they couldn't go to the bathroom. If they had to go, they had to ... do it in their suits, it seems.

Which seems like fitting punishment, given that these protestors, who called themselves Scientist Rebellion, didn't seem to plan much of anything, and certainly didn't seem to understand the connection between fossil fuels and heated rooms.

Here's one of them opining about why he was there:

Which gives us a sense of just how irrational they, like all glue-obsessed leftwing protestors, really are.

I had wondered if Wolfsburg, Germany was maybe in some place like Bavaria, where the really heavy-duty German conservatives live, Bavaria having been an anti-Nazi stronghold because these people hate socialism. I looked it up on the map and nope, it is in north central part of Germany, near Hanover. 

If a solution as tough as the one delivered to the protestors could be had from northern Germany, there really is hope for all of Germany. Let's hope the Volkswagen spirit in this incident inspires many more Europeans to stand up to these fanatics.

Nick Arama at RedState has more thoughts here.




Image: Twitter screen shot



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