Union workers voting against their own self-interest

Unions, as with many other disparate, "intersectional" groups, have for years been a consistent voting bloc for the Democrat party.

In the '60s and '70s Democrats had convinced union members that they were for the workingman, the little guy, the middle class. 

According to polling firm Statista, exit polling of the 2020 presidential election showed 57% of households with a union member versus 40% of households without a union member voting for Joe Biden versus Donald Trump.

How's that workin out for ya?  Are you better off than you were two years ago?  For that matter, are you better off (as a union member) than you were 50–60 years ago? 

While it is hard to imagine any segment of the population voting for Democrats, given their disastrous domestic, economic, and foreign policies, that union members continue to vote for Democrats is mind-boggling. 

While a case could be made that union "leaders," who like all elite segments of the populace benefit from Dem support, that blue-, white-, and pink-collar "workers" would still consider voting against their own self-interest doesn't make sense. 

Democrats are hell-bent on destroying just about every industry in the country. 

Manufacturing is down. Oil and gas are facing a beat-down.  The technology sector is down.  The service industry was almost destroyed as a result of Democrat-led lockdowns.  Nursing unions offered little to no "worker" protections as the federal government forced vaccine mandates on essential workers.  The teachers' unions, serving the interest of the Democrat party machine, decimated the educational system and left millions of struggling children in their wake.  Teachers' unions are now singularly focused on advancing the Democrat trans agenda and CRT. 

For those iron and steelworkers propped behind John Fetterman, what are your prospects if he becomes the 51st vote?  He's all but announced that he will support the "Green New Deal."  How will that affect your livelihood? 

For the millions of teachers led by Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, how will advancing her and her allegiance to the Democrat party machine serve your interests, or better yet, the interests of the students that you proclaim to care for?

For the millions of service workers led by Steve Sisolak in Nevada, how did that 18-month hiatus without pay feel?  Did your union pay your mortgage or car payment?  Buy your groceries?

Truck-drivers — how's that $5+ per gallon of diesel taste?  Working more for less.  Is that the new union trademark?

Finally, student unions (while not necessarily unions), how do you see your prospects to find employment in a diminishing economy?  You have loyally voted the way you were instructed.  How do you see that playing out, as your once bright future is being snuffed in the cradle? 

Thankfully, many (most) Fraternal Order of Police Unions have come to terms with their deleterious support of the Democrat party.  It shouldn't have taken the targeting of officers in the field to wake them from their stupor, but better late than never. 

Again, union "leaders" won't suffer by their recommendations on how you vote, but know this for sure: you will.

Image: DonkeyHotey.

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