Tucker Carlson calls out anti-white race hate from MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross

Citing the 1993 radio broadcasts demonizing members of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda that led to the horrific massacre of up to 800,000 of them by their Hutu tribe neighbors (the Rwandan Genocide), Tucker Carlson called out MSNBC and its corporate parent Comcast for fanning the flames of racial hatred.  He even invited his audience to tune in to the rival cable news network to see for themselves — quite an unusual thing, recommending the programming of a competitor.

Two African American hosts — Joy Reid, who has a weeknight show, and Tiffany Cross, who has a Saturday-morning show, were named and extensively quoted demonizing white people.  Watch the embedded video below for examples.  Tucker asked his viewers to consider where this will lead in five years, clearly implying that something approaching Rwandan levels of horror could be ahead.


Tucker called out the board of directors of Comcast, asking if they know the kind of race-hate their company is responsible for putting out.  But he did not names.  Here are the names of the nine board members, one of whom is black and one of whom is Asian.  The other seven are white.

If and when directors and senior executives at Comcast start feeling pressure, there is at least the chance that they will moderate the open racism for which they are now responsible.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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